DELEM Profile-T Offline Software programming for Full 3D Simulation For Sheet Metal Bending

Profile-T 2D/3D:

DELEM Profile-T is the market leading solution in offline CNC Press Brake Programming for Accurl CNC press brakes. Completely integrated with Profile-T 3D along with SolidWorks & Autodesk Inventor providing full 3D simulation of the bending process. Utilizing either 2D or 3D geometry, Profile-T automates the sequence of operations typically done manually at sheet metal manufacturing facilities. Profile-T is the answer to typical issues that manufacturers have in their bending applications like full collision checking which ensures costly errors are eliminated prior to production, thus providing a “right first time” manufacturing approach.

The Profile-T software offers advanced CNC Press Brake Programming in 2D/3D in line with the DA-Touch controller software. The steps from the start of programming to the desired program including its transfer to the control are clearly embedded in the user interface.

CNC Press Brake Programming the product graphically shows a true scale representation of the intended product. Realistic product visualization gives feedback on feasibility, collisions, required tools and tool adapters for production.


  • 2D or 3D programming version
  • 3D machine representation
  • X1-X2 angle programming
  • 3D finger view
  • DA-Touch familiar user interface
  • X1-X2 angle programming
  • DXF import function (Profile-T3D only)

Profile-T features:

  • Full scale offline programming
  • Graphical product programming and bend sequence generation
  • Feasibility studies and production preparation
  • 2D/3D automatic bend sequence calculation
  • Collision detection
  • Product sharing over Windows networking with press brake CNC
  • Machine setup preparation including print functionality
  • Production time calculation

Accurl 3100 x 135T Euro Pro 6 axis CNC Press Brake with New Standard WILA Clamping System just completed!

The Wila’s ‘New Standard’Tooling System has become market leader for precision, quality and flexibility.The selfseating and selfaligning features considerably improve your set uptimes and productivity of your pressbrake. Both bottom (OZU) and top (BIU)tooling are clamped hydraulically. The bottom clamping is integrated in thecrowning table.


  • Hydraulic power source
  • Quick clamping for europe styletooling
  • Simplepush-button loading


  • Smart Tool Locator® (STL)*

This customer of ours productivity is going to now be maximized & will absolutely SKY ROCKET with the Tooling setup on their new Euro Pro B Series 6 axis CNC Press Brake.

The New Standard Hydraulic Clamping system from Wila provides more than just quick tool changes; but also extremely accurate clamping, positioning, and alignment.

This tooling configuration also features a standard bottom tool holder which is immensely versatile as it’s able to accommodate both American/European tooling, as well as a 4-Way bottom die.

Time is money, invest in maximizing your productivity & the increased profits will soon follow.

ACCURL 400 Ton X 4000mm 8 Axis Hydraulic CNC Press Brake with DELEM DA66T 3D CNC Controller

ACCURL 400 Ton X 4000mm 8 Axis Hydraulic CNC Press Brake for Sale with DELEM DA66T 3D CNC Press Brake Controller, 6 Axis Backgage (X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2-axis), CNC Die Crowning, Wila ‘New Standard’ Hydraulic Clamping and DSP Laser Guarding System.

  1. ACCURL®EURO PRO B Series CNC Press Brakes Controller are perfect for forming small parts with low operating costs and with syncro CNC three axis control capability they perform just like our bigger Press Brakes.
    Precise bending result at fast speed
  2. Minimized tool change and adjustment time
  3. Maximized speed and safety


  1. 6 Axis CNC Back Gauge for X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2-Axis
  2. DA66T Touch 3D Graphical Control for CNC press brakes
  3. Auto Crowning Deflection Compensation
  4. Positioning Repeat-ability: +/- 0.001mm (Ref Only)
  5. Wila ‘New Standard’ Hydraulic Clamping
  6. Precision Ram Leveling with Dual Linear Glass Scale Encoders


  1. Flange Mode allows for easy and accurate part programming
  2. Position Mode automatically calculates precise positions, and allows for absolute control
  3. Profile allows you to program multiple part profiles quickly and accurately


  1. DELEM DA66T Touchscreen 3D Controlled Controller
  2. 6 Axis Backgage (X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2-axis)
  3. CNC Die Crowning
  4. Wila ‘NewStandard’ Hydraulic Clamping
  5. DSP Laser Guarding System

220T 6 Axis Delem DA66T Control CNC Press Brake with Servo Driven Backguage

Experience is extremely valuable when dealing with large custom format machines, and we can proudly say that we’ve been involved in many of these projects and are positioned perfectly to help supply the solution for your next big purchase.

We’ve just completed this AccurlUSA 20′ X 220T 6+1 Axis CNC Press Brake, which is now en-route to our customer.

  • (X/R, Z1/Z2 Servo Driven Backgauge)
  • Delem DA66T Control (2D/3D)
  • Stand-by ECO Energy Savings Drive
  • Accurl Pro CNC Crowning System

DA41S 2 Control Axis Press Brake 220 Tons with DPS Laser Safety

Our team here at MMT & AccurlUSA were honored to be chosen as the supplier for a major Telecommunication Tower manufacturer to meet their forming & shearing needs.

This Genius shear is rated at 3/8″ mild steel and includes powered blade-gap/rake angle adjustment with an easy to use touch screen P40 control.

The SmartFab 2-Axis press brake is rated at 220 US tons and is equipped with a programmable DA41S control, Manual crowning, DSP laser safety, sectionalized upper/lower tooling with quick clamps, and many other incredible features which is standard on our SmartFab model.

These smart but user friendly machines will allow the customer to reach new levels of manufacturing for years to come!