DEFENDER- Sentinel Plus LAZERSAFE SYSTEM for Accurl CNC Press Brake

DEFENDER-LAZERSAFE SYSTEM for Accurl CNC Press Brake: Performance without compromise.™

ACCURL® LazerSafe Plus guarding system offers a highly effective solution for both operator safety and machine productivity. Designed for use with Lazer Safe’s PCSS A Series, the Lazersafe is category 4 compliant and meets the world’s most demanding international safety standards (CE Certified Category 4 Safety Controller with integrated).

Sentinel Plus technology:

Sentinel Plus is the most advanced press brake guarding system ever designed for retrofit applications and is optimized for high speed performance machines. As a camera based system, Sentinel Plus delivers exceptional levels of protection, productivity and performance.


  1. Automatic Mute Point Set-up
  2. Sentinel Plus user interface panel
  3. Laser Transmitter (TX)
  4. RapidBend Plus
  5. Close Proximity Protection
  6. AutoSense
  7. Quick adjust brackets
  8. Camera Receiver (RX)

OEM Embedded Systems For CNC Press Brakes

The LZS Series and IRIS Series provide superior optical protection while maintaining the highest level of productivity and performance.

IRIS Optical Imaging:

IRIS is an Integrated Real-time Imaging System that provides the press brake manufacturer with greater functionality by combining optical protection with real time image processing. IRIS comprises a laser transmitter and receiver mounted to the upper beam of the press brake with a high speed digital camera and image data processing system contained within the receiver unit.


  1. Bend Speed Management
  2. Active Angle Control
  3. Dynamic Angle Control
  4. Spring Back Calculation
  5. Final Angle Confirmation


CE Certified Category 4 Safety Controller with integrated force guided relays and encoder feedback system.

The Defender Plus hardware and software is CE Certified and compliant with all international press brake safety standards including EN12622, ANSI B11.3-2012,CSA Z142-10 and NR12.