Another successful installation of ACCURL Tandem Press Brake 2 Units 135 ton 4000mm CNC Bending Machine

We are continuously monitoring the situation of COVID19 in order to keep our employees, customers, and vendors safe. and using our advanced technologies for remote connectivity and remote support for CNC press brake and laser cutting machines.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a customer smile from ear to ear after seeing how accurate their forming process will now be with the addition of their New Accurl tandem press brakes. Congratulations to our newest family member, who is located In Lancashire, Skelmersdale UK to company Proteus Engineered Façade Technology ®.

The ACCURL PRO 6-Axis Tandem Press brake (2 units B42135 CNC) it equipped CE Lazersafe tandem adapter,you can switch between working in Tandem or single mode at any time, All working modes satisfy the strictest CE standard.It is also the first one to use this Lazersafe tandem adapter system in China local and delivery in UK!

Two press brakes may be used in tandem when bending large lengths.and the Tandem system enables the two machines to be operated in simultaneous or stand-alone mode.this fast switching mode and safe working benefits by Lazersafe tandem adapter technology!

The PCSS-A embedded safety controller range expands the possibilities for machine control with the next generation solution for tandem press brakes. The latest tandem solution comprises a Tandem Adaptor that synchronises safety functions and control across both machines and a dedicated optical system for flexible guarding in both single and tandem configurations.

For optical protection, the tandem solution incorporates the LZS-XL optical system that is also managed via the Tandem Adaptor. When in single conḀguration, both machines can operate independently at high-speed with separate sets of the LZS-XL providing optical protection on each machine and with the added beneḀt of enhanced performance by enabling a minimum speed change point of just 3mm for both ἀat sheet and box bending.

NEW EuroMaster Hybrid CNC Press Brake


Top Level High-Spec Machine


Familiar name, innovative technology:

ACCURL – for years, this name has been representative of quality, reliability and flexibility.
The highly flexible all-round CNC press brake EuroMaster is the latest development of the company. include new technical innovations in combination with the already well-proven technology and know-how from many years of experience and passion coming from ACCURL. A highly dynamic hybrid-servo drive system and the user-friendly control are only two of the outstanding properties of our new EuroMaster.

ACCURL Top level EuroMaster hybrid press brake with high-end specifications and execution, with advanced motion technologies and impressively quiet with the integration of advanced safety equipment and options. The EuroMaster is the ultimate in creating complex parts.

The EuroMaster – Benefits (Up to 5 years warranty):

  1. 60 % less energy consumption thanks to a new innovative drive system
  2. 40 % faster cycle time
  3. 90 % less oil consumption for more environment friendly
  4. Lowered sound pressure level at 50 dB.
  5. New intuitive and user-friendly touch screen control system
  6. Increased speed of descent and ascent to over 250 mm/s.
  7. Increased speed of X over 500 mm/s and Z1+Z2 over 1000 mm/s.
  8. Highest precision thanks to exact IRIS PLUS angle measurement and crowning system
  9. LazerSafe optical safety arrangement:
    • Speed change at 2 mm above material
    • Tool crash protection
    • Angle measurement option