ACCURL Super Customization CNC Press Brake for Bending Solution to Deep-Box Forming

ACCURL ® TOP CUSTOMIZATION CNC PRESS BRAKE! To meet all customer requirements, ACCURL® is a fully configurable machine with extended stroke and large daylight to make Deep-Box Bending of Makes electric appliance Manufacturing Easier! ACCURL represents a synthesis between technological innovation, & attention to detail/design. Add the best components in the world, and ACCURL offers [...]

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ACCURL 8-Axis CNC Press Brake 4000mm x 320 ton with Bending Front Sheet Followers Just installed in California USA

LEAN, GREEN, & MEAN MACHINES! Our team here at ACCURL was honored to be chosen as the partner of a Major architectural fabricator in California, USA to help meet & surpass their precision forming/cutting needs. This duo of machines boasts unbelievable productivity for our customer! Intelligence. Performance. Superior Quality. There's no better partner, than AccurlUSA! [...]

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