CNC Bending Machine Working Principle

Due to advanced technologies and inventions, the world has seen numerous changes for the better. Thanks to these technologies, industries around the world have been introduced to numerous aids, solutions, and tools that have made operations easier, more efficient, and even environment-friendly.

One such tool is the CNC Bending Machine. For all those companies that are thinking of purchasing a CNC Bending Machine, let us assure you that you are making the right decision. However, as businessmen, you ought to know in detail about the machine that you are going to invest in.

Therefore, to help you out with your decision, we have here this article that will explain what a CNC Bending Machine is and how it works so that you can have the maximum advantage of owning it.

About CNC Bending Machine

CNC Hydraulic Bending Machine and CNC Bending Machine have been around for a while but have become better and better with time and advancement. It is a machine that helps bend cold sheets of metals into desired geometric and cross-sectional shapes. It has several uses which are needed in various industries such as manufacturing, automobile, railway, aircraft, shipbuilding, and so on.

Among companies, Accurl has been one of the top producers of the most high-end CNC Bending Machines. They are easily affordable, eco-friendly, and can adapt to your needs through customization. Some of the top features for Accurl CNC sheet metal bending machines are:

  • A powerful CNC control system for precise control and supervision of the bending and pressing
  • Excellent back gauge adjustments to help suit your needs
  • Consistent parallel and precision run with a reliable crowning system
  • Has top-class optical safety without disrupting performance or productivity
  • Smart Tooling App from WILA for efficient management of inventory and quick data entry
  • An improved system for tooling clamping
  • All products have Hybrid Eco Function to support the environment and be eco-friendly
  • Active angle Control for better angle management and measurement 

Now that you understand what a CNC Bending Machine is and various of its features, let us now move on to understand how it works.

How do CNC Bending Machine work

Technologically advanced sheet metal bending machines such as CNC hydraulic bending machines have become easier to operate. With only a few instructions and data input, you can get your desired results in a matter of minutes. However, to deeply understand how you can work with a CNC Bending Machine, here is what you need to do.

Do note that before operating the machine, you should follow all the safety protocols mentioned and take proper precautions with safety gearing and clothes.

  • Make sure that switch, motor, grounding, and normal are stable and normal. You also need to check whether the control and switches are in their normal positions or not. Once you have all these checked and confirmed, you can proceed to the next step.
  • The upper and lower molds should overlap and be firm and should meet the requirements before the processing.
  • You need to return to the origin program if the position of the other axis and the upper slide plate are not at the origin.
  • You should try dry-running the machine for a minute or so and try operating the slide at its full stroke for two to three minutes before the actual use. This process is to determine whether the machine is in its best condition. If you hear any abnormal sound, stop the machine, locate and remove the hindrance and start again.
  • There should be one person who is commanding uniformly while the cooperating personnel is at a safe distance and position when the bending action starts.
  • Make sure to compact and avoid lifting the sheet while the bending is in process. It is so that the sheet does not lift and hurt the people nearby.
  • Make sure to cut off the power supply every time the sheet is adjusted
  • Make sure the lower mold does not come in touch with any material when the opening is changed of the variable on the lower mold.
  • No personnel should stand behind the machine as long as it is operating.
  • The machine should be stopped to correct either the sheet or mold to avoid any accidents or hand injuries
  • Someone should be responsible to consistently check the overlapping of the lower and upper molds to make sure that the pressure gauge is according to the regulations.
  • The machine should be stopped immediately if any abnormalities are noticed.
  • Lastly, once the machine is done operating, make sure to place wooden blocks under the cylinders and on the lower molds on either side. Then carefully lower the upper slide plate over them.


Investing in a CNC Bending machine is definitely worth the price as it is a long-term investment that will serve you for a very long time. Understanding how it works is just another way of utilizing it properly so that it keeps delivering high-end products for the longest amount of time.

There are numerous CNC Hydraulic Bending Machines and CNC Bending Machines out there, so you need to make sure that you choose the right one for your needs. Accurl offers many machines that you can customize and choose according to your needs. The following are the best machines from Accurl:

  • Accurl Economic Smart 3-4 Axis: It is an affordable machine that is perfect for simple bending operations.
  • Accurl Euro Pro Series 4-6 axis: if you are looking for a machine that can operate a bit more complex bends and operations, this machine is perfect for your needs.
  • Accurl Genius Plus Series 6-8 axis: best for creating complex and intricate parts, this machine is the best available option. Not to mention, along with these highly advanced operations and functions, it is also extremely quiet in its operations.

There are other machines as well that are perfect for your needs and requirements. Accurl, with its years of experience, has all the necessary machines with the features that are perfect for your business.

How does the CNC press brake machine work?

Industries around the world have been progressing at an amazing rate thanks to the advancements in technology. A range of machines and tools can now be found that aids the industries heavily. The manufacturing industry, too, has its own range of tools and machines that have helped it progress by ages.

The CNC Press Brake machine is one such tool, without which the manufacturing industry and fabricators will not be able to make any progress. Therefore, in this article, we will learn all there is to know about the CNC press brake machine, how it works, and its other features. If you are in this business, it will be very beneficial for you to understand CNC press brake machines working, so if you are ready, let us get started!

About CNC press brake machine

Let us first understand what a CNC press brake machine is before getting into its working mechanisms. A CNC press brake machine is a tool that has CNC or Computer Numerically Controlled system integration in it. With the help of the CNC system, the machine is able to efficiently bend and manipulate metal sheets, be it be over a few millimeters or a few meters long.

The structure of a CNC press brake machine can be of two types. They are as follows:

  • Type 1 (Down Forming): Consists of a fixed bed (bottom) that has a v-shaped tool attached to it. A top beam (also v-shaped) is present which receives the force and presses the metal against the v-shaped tool.
  • Type 2 (Up Forming): This type of CNC press brake has the same parts as type 1. However, in this type, the top portion is fixed whereas the bottom portion is the moving counterpart.

Whatever the type may be, the results will be the same, with no restrictions on the shape and design of the end result. Now that we have understood what a CNC press brake machine is, we will now move on to understanding how it operates.

Workings of a CNC press brake machine

A CNC press brake machine is a mechanical tool powered by a hydraulic or electrical system, with an AI program attached to it for precise and accurate bending on the raw material.

The way it operates is quite simple to understand. Firstly, in a CNC press brake machine, you need to enter the information of the product that you want to create. This information has to be precise, with the proper angles of the bends, and so on. Once the computer has analysed and understood the instructions, it will start operating the machine.

The machine works with the help of hydraulic or electric force. Depending on the type of your machine (type 1 or type 2) the force will be applied to the respective moving part of the machine. This allows the moving part to press the metal sheet against the fixed part, thus creating the desired bend.

For CNC machines, the machine will move the metal sheet according to the instructions feeded in the computer. The result is— you get your desired product, with precise bends and accuracy.

You may change the v-shaped tool, usually called a die (attached to the fixed part) and a knife (attached to the moving part), according to the shape you want to create. There are numerous tool sets available in the market for that purpose.

Various features of the CNC press brake machine

CNC press brake machines come with numerous features and characteristics that can benefit you in multiple ways. Listed below are the standard features that Accurl provides with its CNC press brake machines. Of course, you may customize them according to your needs, but these are the basic features that you will find.

  • It offers the CNC DELEM DA53T system that supports 2D graphics (color)
  • It has dual beam photocells from Lazer Safe
  • It consists of a hydraulic system from Hoerbiger
  • It consists of optical scales from GIVI
  • It offers the class IE3 motor which is known for its high efficiency
  • It has Accurl’s very own wave crowning system (Accurl Pro)
  • It consists of an electrical cabinet made with Siemens and Schnider parts

These are the standard features, but depending on the model, there may be different features. Again, the machines are highly customizable to suit your requirements.

Buying guide for CNC press brake machine

CNC press brake machines are a long-term investment for your business. Therefore, you want to ensure that you are investing in the right machine. Here are a few things to keep in mind while looking for the perfect CNC press brake machine:

  • You need to consider the materials that you will be bending with the machine. Keep in mind the type and thickness of the materials.
  • Consider the complexity of the designs and bends that you will be making. If your designs are too complicated, you need to consider buying a machine with extra axis so that your bends turn out flawless.
  • Consider the quantity in which you will be producing materials. If you are considering mass-production, CNC press brake machines are the ideal choice.
  • You should consider the size of the machine as well as the workplace. If you take a too big machine but do not have enough space to operate it, it will all go to waste.
  • Consider the accuracy of the bends that you will be making. Different machines offer different accuracy. You may also consider purchasing a set of tools to enhance the accuracy and end results.


CNC press brake machines are extremely useful tools in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, now that you understand what it is and how it works, the next step is to invest in a machine that will give you the best yield.

Accurl has been a provider in this field with a history of over 33 proud years. Their machines are the best in the field and come with great features, as mentioned above. Accurl strives to live up to the expectations of the industry with its cutting-edge technologies, high functionality, efficiency, and services. Here is the range of CNC press brakes that Accurl has to offer to the world:

  • Accurl Economic Smart 3-4 axis
  • Accurl Euro Pro Series 4-6 axis
  • Accurl Genius Plus Series 6-8 axis
  • Accurl Electrical Press Brake eB icon Servo
  • Accurl Euromaster Hybrid Press Master
  • Accurl Tandem Press Brake

Accurl offers to customize its products for you so that they suit your needs and requirements. Therefore, now that you know how a press brake machine operates, you can get the machine that you need and customize it according to your liking.

How to Find the Best Waterjet Cutting Machine?

Owning a Waterjet Cutting Machine can prove to be very beneficial for businesses, especially those in the manufacturing field. With advanced technologies and rapid development, Waterjet Cutting Machines have become definite machines that can help you cut any material with amazing precision, without any trouble. So, if you are thinking of getting a Waterjet Cutting Machine for your business, let us assure you that is a very wise decision.

However, the decision itself is not enough to be wise. The next thing you need to think through to bring profit home is what kind of machine you purchase. There are so many machines out there in the market that it is easy to get confused and make the wrong investment.

Well, rest assured, we are here to help you out. This article will see all the necessary features that a good and reliable Waterjet CNC Cutting Machine should have. If you are ready, let us begin right away!

Targeted materials that you will be cutting down

The first thing that you need to think of is what are the materials that you will be cutting with the machine. According to the materials that you cut, your Waterjet Cutting Machine will need improvisations.

For example, if you need to cut sturdy materials daily, you would need to add some sort of grit material to the water stream to make precision cuts. In such cases, you need to keep in mind the following features for cutting aluminum plates, mild steel, or stones:

  • A grit tank that has sufficient storage
  • A grit tank that is easy to load and unload
  • A grit tank that is easy to maintain and clean

If you do not require cutting sturdy materials, then a simple water jet stream should be more than enough. In that case, you need not worry about the capacity or loading features of the grit tank. You would not even require a high-pressure machine because you would only need to cut softer materials such as thin plastic or wood.

Think of the cuts you will have to make

The next thing you need to consider is the kind of cuts you make. Once you have decided on the materials you need to cut, the next most important thing to consider is the kind of cuts you will make. Depending on the complexity of the cuts, your machine needs to be upgraded and advanced.

Waterjet CNC Cutting Machines have something called an axis which is capable of making the cuts possible. The more intricate the cuttings are, the better the axis should be, both in quality and number. Therefore, if you require cutting extremely complicated designs, your machine would require a fifth axis, such as in the Accurl 3D Waterjet Cutting Machine with 5 Axis.

Otherwise, you could settle with a normal Waterjet Cutting Machine with the general axis if you do not require too detailed or complicated cuts. Therefore, understanding your cutting requirements is very important to decide which machine would be best for your business.

Consider the size of the table

The next thing to consider while looking for the Best Waterjet Cutting Machine is the right table size. The table is basically where you will be placing your material for cutting. Earlier, there was not much flexibility on the table size.

However, with recent technological development, there are multiple choices on the size of your table that companies such as Accurl provide you with. Therefore, you need to consider your usage and need for the machine to determine what table size would be perfect for your needs.

Depending on your needs, you may opt for a large table or a small one. However, for that, you need to determine and understand your needs precisely. Here are the things you should think of before deciding on the table size:

  • How big is the size of your office
  • How big are the stock materials you need to cut
  • How big will be the parts you are intending to make

Once you have a precise answer to these questions, you will be able to determine what size tables would meet your needs the best.

Think of the waste and water factors

When you use a Waterjet Cutting Machine, there will also be the production of waste. People often tend to make a mistake by overlooking these factors, only to suffer later. You do not have to repeat the same mistake. So make sure you consider these factors as well while you are purchasing your Waterjet Cutting Machines.

However, the good thing is that contrary to older models, modern machines are less noisy and do not produce any harmful fumes or wastes. Accurl produces machines that are eco-friendly and produces less noise and wastage. They are also fitted with an auto sludge removal system to help you take care of wastage removal.

However, there are the following waste streams that you need to take measures for:

  • Toxic water stream

The water stream is produced when cutting some toxic or poisonous material. You need to be extremely careful of these waste streams and should take proper care before disposing of them safely.

  • Non-toxic water stream

This water stream is generated commonly for cutting usual substances. These are excess water with fine pieces of the material cut along with the grit from the water stream. These are not toxic and can easily be treated by separating the grit from the water before disposing of them.


So that is all you need to know before you decide to buy the perfect Waterjet Cutting Machine. Waterjet steel cutting machines are favored by the industry as, contrary to their ancestors, they are less noisy, do not emit heat, or produce any harmful fumes or toxic waste.

Accurl provides you with excellent cutting options, with opportunities to have delicate and complicated cuttings as well. Its Waterjet Cutting Machines are extremely eco-friendly and do not produce thermal emissions or have any harmful fumes. Its delicate and precise technology will neither crack nor bend the material and give your high-end results. More so, it also minimizes any waste of the stock material to help you optimize production.