5 characteristics of Hybrid servo CNC press brake

With the steady growth in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, the requirements and expectations of the users and owners of their hard machinery and products have also grown exponentially. This is very true as far as sheet metal forging and manufacturing units and industries are concerned. That being said, CNC press brakes form a major constituent of the sheet metal sector. Here are the important features that you should know about your hybrid servo CNC press brake system, to help you correlate their benefits better.

General functioning

Over the course of time, the simple CNC press brake system which started out as a torsion bar CNC set up has now evolved into the popular hydraulic CNC systems which are now in use in most renowned industries. 

The hybrid servo CNC press brake variant is the latest one in line, and we will discuss further press brakes in this article, taking this hybrid variety as the standard machine.

Understanding the hybrid press brake

The hybrid servo CNC press brake in simple terms is the consolidated trophy child of both electric and hydraulic press brake machines. The positive and beneficial factors pertaining to both of the mentioned counterparts are wicked carefully and incorporated into a single system, thereby giving rise to the highly advantageous hybrid version of the conventional press brakes. 

Generally speaking, hybrid brakes make use of lesser hydraulic fluid and unlike the conventional hydraulic press brakes, the fluid is not in a constant fluid motion. This is what makes your hybrid machine better than its hydraulic predecessor. 

Advantages of a hybrid press brake

As it was hinted earlier, the hybrid press brake system compiles the best possible features of both hydraulic and electrical press brake machines. By doing so, all the discrepancies and concerns pertaining to each of the options were eliminated one by one. 

This genius hybrid was achieved through the meticulous work of the researchers of the field, who were dead set on improving the already existing patterns of hydraulic machines and electrically operated systems as individual units. Somewhere along the line, they came up with an idea to unite both these research processes, thereby framing a highly powerful and advantageous mixture of all the desirable features and eliminating undesirable ones. 

From a fairly general and shallow point of view, the most noteworthy advantages which were brought about by the introduction of the hybrid servo press brake system would be as follows.

  1. It is highly environment friendly.
  2. It helps save a significant amount of energy.
  3. Functions with better efficiency.
  4. It is fully automatic and does not require any manual assistance.
  5. It provides great value for every dollar spent.

Let us discuss each of these features in detail further in the article.


In the hybrid servo press brake systems, the servo pump itself acts as a functional replacement for the traditional servo proportional valve and control technology. With such developments made possible with the recent versions of the press brake machines, the hydraulic directional valves are also completely wiped off the screen entirely. By taking out this additional step in the process, users are allowed to save time that is otherwise wasted in monitoring and managing the valve shifts.

With this effective replacement solution, there are additional savings made in the dimensions of space, hydraulic oil usage, and energy consumption along with the process itself. The cut in the usage of oil is mostly due to the minimizing of throttling loss. By allowing its users to save from ⅓ to 1/5th of general hydraulic oil usage, these hybrid systems help achieve real-time energy saves, especially when you look at the process in terms of a long-term scenario.

Energy efficient

As we saw earlier in the environmental column and indirect control over the checking of energy expenditure, the direct contributions of the hybrid press brake system to the energy efficiency are also worth a mention. When compared and contrasted with rather conventional press brake and bending systems, the energy efficiency shown by the hybrid system is at an unbeatable level. 

This is mainly because, in the case of a hybrid work system, the energy used by the system along most of the process is only the direct requirement of the press brake with no additional charges. Also, most pressure from the bottleneck is either reduced, offset, or both, which allows the machine to reduce even up to 75 percent of the energy consumption in a few cases. The feature of energy efficiency can even apply to these genius hybrid servo press brake machines in their standby mode.

High performance

By the term performance, we include various aspects and dimensions like positioning accuracy, bending accuracy, return speed, working speed, effective maintenance of a suitable internal environment, as well as internal temperature. All of these minor additions, when observed from afar add to the overall exponential increase in the productivity and efficiency of work exhibited by the machine as a complete unit.

An additional shout-out is given to the oil temperature maintenance system of the unit, because of its importance in preventing unnecessary hazards and hassles. By controlling the oil temperature in the device at a desirable level of 38 degrees celsius and not letting it rise beyond 50 degrees at any cost, your hybrid machine press brake is indirectly protecting you from the risks of oil leakage, stability issues, and unnecessary service and maintenance checks.


With the new hybrid servo CNC press brakes, all the involved processes starting from the selection of tools to recognition and detection of results are completely handled by the machine itself. It can make all the necessary calls by itself, by means of thorough processing of available data and the input you provide. This provides better work efficiency and accuracy and allows no space for human error.

Noise control

Apart from these key benefits, these hybrid systems also come with the perks of being very quiet. Though this might not seem like a game-changing factor, it can be quite important for industries that operate in relatively crowded areas, or shops that are looking to install a machine within or close to their store itself, in which case high levels of noise could be a major disturbance. The main feature controlling the noise production here would be the use of a two-way gear pump.


To wrap things up, these hybrid press brake systems are currently said to be at the creme de la creme of the press brake family, thanks to their critically acclaimed list of benefits with few to no discrepancies or complaints. By providing its users with high levels of satisfaction and quality of work, the perception of such automatic alternatives to the traditional press brake systems which were previously in use is only seen to be growing.

All the options provided by the machine manufacturers come with extensive guides explaining the [processes thoroughly. Make sure to go through them carefully and choose one that suits every single one of your requirements before making your purchase. With such effective press brak systems working at your wing, you are assured to observe visible changes in the overall accuracy and efficiency of the work that your industry puts out as a unit, ultimately showering you with extensive profits.


Difference between Smart & Genius Series Laser Cutting Machines

Irrespective of the field involved. There has been a notable surge in the development of gadgets and machines in all public sectors and dimensions of work, especially with the recent advances in science and technology. This was made possible mainly due to the general population’s increased curiosity and strive, which motivated the concerned personnel to come up with such effective upgrades. 

This has been especially true in industrial machines, mainly laser cutting machines. It is even safe to say that a lot of these variants are surprising to the professionals themselves. Here is a simple guide and comparison pertaining to the two new additions to the family of top-notch laser cutting machines, the genius series and the smart series.

Understanding laser cutting machines

In order to be able to properly appreciate how these machines have been improved and upgraded, it is required for you to understand the basic functioning of conventional laser cutting machines. A laser cutting device per se is an important tool that is extensively used across many industries, mainly for purposes like precise and accurate cuts and etching. This is effectively seen in the field of designing and construction materials as a very common and understandable example. 

With modern improvements to such devices, we have an additional segment to the machine known as the CNC system or the CNC control system, which is responsible for feeding proper info to the machine, thereby helping it function in a predetermined fashion.

This CNC system is responsible for the mainstream control of the device as a gross measure, allowing you to acquire a neat and accurate end result. With additional features being added with every upgrade, these machines now provide its user with unbeatable levels of quality and precision like never before.

Types of laser cutting machines

The main differences in the types of laser cutters are determined by the kind of laser used. This can vary according to the material thickness which needs to be penetrated by the laser in question. Generally speaking, a high-powered laser is used in cases where there are requirements where large sections of plastic and metal are to be cut. This is seen only in highly professional applications, to be frank.

Alternatively, low-power lasers are seen in general applications where smaller portions of materials that are relatively thin are required to be cut through. Keeping that in mind, it would now be appropriate to study a little more in detail about the three different types of lasers that can be used.

1. Gas lasers

They are alternatively called CO2 laser cutters as the general process of cutting itself is through the application of electrically stimulated CO2. This CO2 laser is combined along with other gases like nitrogen and helium in most cases. With an emission of about 10.6 mm wavelength, these lasers come with energy levels that are sufficient to pierce rather thicker materials. Being controlled by gas, these lasers tend to provide you with a better finish that is smoother than your other conventional laser cutters. They are also efficient with their work and highly cost-effective as well.

2. Crystal laser cutters

They generate beams from neodymium-doped yttrium orthovanadate and its subsequent forms and can cut through even thicker and stronger substances. They have relatively smaller wavelengths but have a higher intensity. With the burden of a higher power, they have the disadvantage of getting worn out pretty easily.

3. Fiber laser cutters

These lasers do their cutting with the help of fiberglass. They are highly advantageous. A few of the highly applauded benefits of using a fiber laser cutter are as follows.

  1. They have no moving parts
  2. Two to three times more energy efficient
  3. Can cut through reflective materials without any back reflection
  4. Can work on both metal and non-metal media
  5. Require less maintenance
  6. Cheaper
  7. Long-lasting

Smart series laser cutting machines

As part of the long list of advanced laser cutting machines which were developed thanks to the extensive levels of innovation, the smart series laser cutting machines are a note-worthy variant of the modern laser cutting system. These smart options for your general laser cutting uses can provide the basic functions of cutting and operation at an unexpected level of accuracy, precision, and speed.

This system makes use of fiber laser systems, which was explained earlier. Since these fiberglass-controlled lasers have no specificity towards any material, these lasers can be safely used for the effective cutting of even reflective metals like copper, brass, aluminum, etc. without fear of any possible back reflection.

The fiber laser systems used in the smart series laser cutting machines come with a high sense of reliability. These lasers are assured to be the creme de la creme of laser cutting equipment there is, and provide you with highly surprising quality and efficiency of work. 

The precision provided by this machine is a direct reflection of the fine quality fiber laser which is employed within the machine’s laser. With the application of the latest profile and tube processing technology at its wing, these machines provide their users with highly accurate and precise cutting with a very professional and smooth finish. 

Apart from the high-quality work put out by the machines, there are also additional options being provided to the buyers pertaining to the energy requirements and suitability of these smart series laser cutting machines with fiber lasers. Depending upon what you will be using these laser cutters, you should be able to choose an appropriate power level for your laser cutting device. This step is pretty crucial for the proper application of the device in your industrial and business setup.

Genius series laser cutting machines

As another addition to the long list of high-tech laser cutting machines, the genius series laser cutting machines are also in accordance with the recent advances and latest technological findings in the field. Similar to its counterpart which was explained earlier, these laser cutting machines also make use of the latest fiber laser technology for their general functioning. 

With the help of this extensively modern laser and fiber functioning system, these machines are now able to reach levels of speed and precision which are exceptionally perfect for the processing and cutting of thin materials. That being the case, these lasers are also seen to be equally effective for the sectioning and cutting of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The functioning of these laser cutting machines is highly reliable and flexible, which is an additional brownie point on the buyers’ tally list.

These machines offer a simultaneous positioning speed of 160 meters per minute with a precision of (+) or (-) 0.05 mm. Like the smart series, the genius series also provides you with the option of choosing an appropriate power range. Make sure to apply the previously mentioned ideal here as well.


As a key takeaway, choosing a laser machine based on its compatibility with your field and work is more important than choosing one which is generally at the top of the list. Similarly, it is also important to choose an appropriate power limit for your machine which is suited for your material to be processed. Keeping this valuable info in mind, make sure to pick a suitable professional device for your laser cutting endeavors.


2022 NEW Arrival 100% Full Servo Electric Press Brake

The New Era of Energy Saving and Environment Friendly Press Brake has Finally Arrived

According to Xinhua News Agency, October 24, 2021, The Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Completely, Accurately and Comprehensively Implementing the New Development Concept and Doing a Good Job in Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization pointed out targets for 2025, 2030 and 2060 respectively:

“By 2025, an economic system of green, low-carbon and circular development will take shape, and the energy efficiency of key industries will be significantly improved. The energy consumption per unit of GDP will be reduced by 13.5% compared with 2020, the carbon dioxide emission per unit of GDP will be reduced by 18% compared with 2020,  the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption will reach about 20%, the forest coverage rate will reach 24.1% and the forest reserve will reach 18 billion cubic meters, laying a solid foundation for achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality.”

By 2030, remarkable achievements will be made in the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development, and the energy efficiency of key energy-consuming industries will reach the advanced international level. Energy consumption per unit of GDP has dropped significantly, carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP decreased by more than 65% compared with 2005, the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption will reach about 25%, and the total installed capacity of wind and solar power generation will reach more than 1.2 billion kw, the forest coverage rate has reached about 25%, the forest volume has reached 19 billion cubic meters, and the carbon dioxide emissions have reached the peak value with a steady decline.

By 2060, the development of green low carbon cycle economy and clean low-carbon safe efficient energy system will be fully established, energy efficiency will reach the international advanced level, the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption will reach 80%, the goal of carbon neutralization will be smoothly achieved, ecological progress will yield fruitful results, and a new realm of harmonious coexistence between man and nature will be created. ”

According to Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization Work Opinions, Accurl will officially display the heavy duty full electric servo press brake (eB Ultra Series) at the Hannover exhibition in August 2022. The models in this exhibition, Hybrid Servo Press Brake EuroMaster B32.175 and New servo electric press brake eB Ultra 35tx1250, combined with the four characteristics of “energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and high precision”, break the previous dilemma of high cost of large tonnage full electric servo CNC bending machine, and have obtained the invention patent (Patent No.: ZL 2021308282823.4) (Patent No.: ZL 2020 30304897.3) which granted by the State Intellectual Property Office, etc.

Energy saving

Taking the same electro-hydraulic model as a reference, the monthly electricity consumption of heavy duty full electric servo model is only 25% of other electro-hydraulic servo model.

Environmental protection

The NEW eB Ultra series full electric servo CNC bending machine does not use hydraulic oil, nor does it need regular oil change, so there is no pollution caused by oil leakage, so that the workshop is clean and tidy.


The fast full speed conversion and bottom dead center positioning of the heavy duty full electric servo CNC bending machine is controlled by the servo motor and screw rod. The control of the whole cycle is much faster than that of the hydraulic bending machine. Compared with the electro-hydraulic model of the same model, the efficiency will be doubled.

High Precision

The full electric servo CNC bending machine mainly relies on the servo motor and screw drive to make the sliding plate move up and down and position. After a long term use, the positioning accuracy can still be maintained. In the electro-hydraulic model, the sliding block moves up and down mainly by oil pressure transmission. With the change of oil temperature, the positioning accuracy of the sliding block will also decline, and the repeated positioning accuracy will be difficult to guarantee.

In the long term, the launch of Accurl’s machine will be an important step for the domestic CNC bending machine field to officially enter the “new energy era”. If the manufactured equipment is not accepted by the market and the customer, cannot enter the factory, or play a role in the production line, then the technology is only in vain.

ACCURL has always adhered to the production concept of creating good quality and durable sheet metal processing equipment. Accurl hopes that the heavy duty full electric servo CNC press brake introduced this time will enter more factories and continue to pass on our belief.