Accurl 3100 x 135T Euro Pro 6 axis CNC Press Brake with New Standard WILA Clamping System just completed!

The Wila’s ‘New Standard’Tooling System has become market leader for precision, quality and flexibility.The selfseating and selfaligning features considerably improve your set uptimes and productivity of your pressbrake. Both bottom (OZU) and top (BIU)tooling are clamped hydraulically. The bottom clamping is integrated in thecrowning table.


  • Hydraulic power source
  • Quick clamping for europe styletooling
  • Simplepush-button loading


  • Smart Tool Locator® (STL)*

This customer of ours productivity is going to now be maximized & will absolutely SKY ROCKET with the Tooling setup on their new Euro Pro B Series 6 axis CNC Press Brake.

The New Standard Hydraulic Clamping system from Wila provides more than just quick tool changes; but also extremely accurate clamping, positioning, and alignment.

This tooling configuration also features a standard bottom tool holder which is immensely versatile as it’s able to accommodate both American/European tooling, as well as a 4-Way bottom die.

Time is money, invest in maximizing your productivity & the increased profits will soon follow.

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