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ACCURL Super Customization CNC Press Brake for Bending Solution to Deep-Box Forming

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To meet all customer requirements, ACCURL® is a fully configurable machine with extended stroke and large daylight to make Deep-Box Bending of Makes electric appliance Manufacturing Easier!

ACCURL represents a synthesis between technological innovation, & attention to detail/design. Add the best components in the world, and ACCURL offers customers the foremost solution with an impressive quality & price ratio.

ACCURL’s devotion to continuous product innovation results in your ability to achieve high performance, with reduced production costs and scrap. These superbly finished machines are fast in their axes movements, and are one of the most productive Press brakes on this planet. ACCURL simply delivers precise, reliable, & cost-effective solutions to best fit your needs.

Shown in the photos are a custom Genius Hybrid Servo CNC Press Brake with extended stroke & open height Solution to bending boxes up to 800mm deep and more with no special tooling and with the utmost accuracy,to make easy use of deep box bending.

Intermediate clamps with extra heights to allow box shape profiles bending in manual or automatic mode.

The ACCURL 8-Axis CNC Press Brake Equipped with Lazersafe IRIS and Tray mode with programmed flange height, so the operator has the option to program the height of the side flange in the bend program. During the cycle all sensors are active until the top of the flange is detected. The actual flange position is verified with the programmed position then the front and rea sensors are automatically blanked so the bend continues at high speed without stopping. Activation of the closing movement only requires a single pedal press and does not require any other operator confirmation (e.g. double pedal press). This mode is CE Certified and exclusive to Lazer Safe.

CNC Front Sheet Followers for deep-box bending

It’s simple in Accurl…

You cannot pursue today’s work with yesterday’s machine. That’s why here at ACCURL, we pride ourselves in our continuous journey of developing the foremost solutions for all and any projects that our customers may be faced with.

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