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Bend Angle Measurement Systems For CNC Press Brakes

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It is very important to get the measurements and angles perfectly with the press brakes because anything less would compromise the features as well as the quality of the end product. By using laser-assisted bend angle measurement devices, the exact and accurate bending angle for CNC press brakes can be determined with zero contact.

How they work

The most important property of such devices is that they can be easily attached to the press brakes without making any modifications to the tools. But still, you will have to alter the height of your bench for proper installation of the set-up. In short, the bent part should have a side flange with no counter bends and a side flange with an appropriate length.

These devices can be used at even very high tonnages and have no die opening limitations per se.

Different types of bend angle measurement systems

Currently, there are two highly trusted and accurate measures that are used by renowned firms for bend angle measurement and angle correction. This includes methods that make use of a predominantly laser-based technique like the LaserCheck, and the laser transmitter-receiver sets, which are the Iris Plus bending angle measurement systems.

Both of these methods are highly accurate and automatic. They require no technical input or assistance from the workforce and are completely self-sufficient. Apart from just covering whatever is on their checklist, that is, angle measurement, they also provide active correction and accuracy check of the measured angles while also taking care of the compatibility and data sharing processes.

Laser-assisted bend angle measurement systems

With a fully automated process, these systems calculate the exact bending angle of the material in question with unbelievable accuracy and precision. In order to measure the bending angle, the projection of the laser beam from the metal surface is measured using the CMOS camera. Secondly, the angle made by the laser and the camera’s viewing axis determines another distance.

Lastly, the angle between the sensor and the metal sheet is calculated using the above measurements. By using a second sensor on the opposite side, you get the bending angle. Most of our Accurl laser bending angle measurement systems work by this principle.

Laser transmitter and receiver set

The necessary devices and goods for the same include the transmitter and laser receiver systems, inclusive of a high-speed digital camera and an image data processing system. They are then set up according to the upper beam of the press brake. With the appropriate technological assistance, this system provides real-time angle measurement data, which covers several intimate aspects.

The clear details of the inside and outside angles, average angle, material warp, and material spring-back angle are given, along with several other angles like the thickness and direction of the grain, etc.

Benefits of using an automated bend angle measurement system

Firstly, these bend angle measurement systems for press brakes are completely automatic and can function smoothly with zero manual assistance. It takes care of all necessary adjustments, including height compression and automatic angle correction. With such high-quality systems, you are provided with a die width of up to 60mm,  instant image transfer, and a significantly big measurement range of 0 to 180 degrees.

These systems provide real-time measurement of the bend angles while calculating the force reduction and spring back simultaneously.


To sum up, the most important take-home message here is that the serious process of bend angle measurement, which is crucial for the proper functioning of your press brakes, can be easily managed with the usage of such high-quality measurement systems. You can find more detailed information on the same with great details across the internet.

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