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Bending Angle Measurement Systems of Wireless digital protractor for CNC press brake

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The Mitutoyo® wireless digital protractor provides the possibility to connect a digital protractor to the CNC wirelessly. The operator measures the angle with the digital protractor and sends the value to the CNC, simply by pressing a button.

The angle correction will be automatically calculated and fine-tuned by the DELEM CNC control.

The protractor, or angle measurement, option enables the possibility to connect a digital protractor tothe RS-232 interface or a USB port of a DA-66T / DA-69T controller. The machine operator can use the protractor to measure the angle of his bended piece. The measured value can be send to the DA-controller by pushing a button; the angle correction will be computed automatically.

The protractor interface is an option that needs a voucher to enable it.

Technical Data

Range:-360° to +360°
Tolerance:±2′ (±0.03°)
Repeatability:1’ (0.01°)
Resolution:1’ (0.01°)
Average duration:2.000 ore

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