Advantages Of The Smart 1.5 Kw, 2 Kw, And 3 Kw Laser Cutting Machines

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Cutting is the most basic and widely used process in metalworking. Laser cutting is the technology of choice in the industry to perform such tasks as it offers many advantages over other methods. Laser cutting has significant advantages over other metal cutting methods, offering precision and power and helping businesses to achieve results on an […]

Which is the best laser cutting machine?

Laser-cutting is used in the parts manufacturing process. There are two types of laser-cutting devices popularly used in industries. One is the old traditional tube-cutting laser machine the other is the fiber laser cutting machine. It is safe to say that fiber laser-cutting machines have disrupted the age-old industry because of the precision and speed […]

Tube laser cutting machines versus Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Laser-cutting technology has come a long way in the past few years. The machines have become approachable and sleek in their design, and the precision and speed have improved immensely. Today, there are several laser cutting devices available in the market, but the only point of difference between them is whether they are tube laser […]

What are the 3 Main Types of Laser Cutting Machines?

Since the 1960s, laser cutting has been a part of industrial operations, but it is still as vital today as it was then. In a unique non-contact method, a laser cutting machine generates heating and compression that precisely restructures and bends a variety of objects as the cutting tip passes over the exterior. Based on […]

Top 3 Laser Cutting Advantages and Disadvantages

There are numerous industrial applications for laser cutting machines. Today, objects like paperboard, chipboard, MDF, or polycarbonate, to mention a few, could be cut and engraved with CO2 laser cutters. By delving into the intricacies of the technique, let’s discover some advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting. Advantages Of Laser Cutting We’ve listed the three […]

Difference between Smart & Genius Series Laser Cutting Machines

Irrespective of the field involved. There has been a notable surge in the development of gadgets and machines in all public sectors and dimensions of work, especially with the recent advances in science and technology. This was made possible mainly due to the general population’s increased curiosity and strive, which motivated the concerned personnel to […]

Introduction to Smart Series and Genius Series Of Laser Cutting Machines

Due to the recent surge of technology, every machine used in every industry is getting major updates. Alongside that, various innovations have led to the introduction of new tools and pieces of machinery. For that sole reason alone, companies have better options when it comes to choosing the right kind of technology and machines for […]

How Does A 12kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Work — Step by Step

The thing about technology is that there will always be something better out there as it keeps developing and updating. Especially for those in business, to get the best quality products, you need to have only the best and latest equipment in your possession. Therefore, for the manufacturing industries that rely on fiber laser cutting […]

Best China Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine

Charles H. Townes has stated in his research paper titled “The First Laser ” that lasers are the solution looking for a problem. Originated in 1960, Laser stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.” They are used in almost all sectors, ranging from medicine to military and communications to manufacturing industries. One such […]