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Top 3 Laser Cutting Advantages and Disadvantages

There are numerous industrial applications for laser cutting machines. Today, objects like paperboard, chipboard, MDF, or polycarbonate, to mention a few, could be cut and engraved with CO2 laser cutters. By delving into the intricacies of the technique, let’s discover some advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting.

Advantages Of Laser Cutting

We’ve listed the three main laser cutting advantages below.

1. Lasers Technology Is Extremely Accurate And Precise

When compared to alternative conventional sheet metal cutting methods, laser cutting becomes a procedure that is effective, safe, and incredibly exact. The laser-cutting procedure uses computer-controlled software to precisely cut materials with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

The laser delivers a focussed illumination beam that allows for extremely precise material cutting. Although the laser is strong and compact, the precision with which it dissolves and vaporizes objects is unmatched. The laser’s typical average variance is 0.003 mm to 0.006 mm.

Fiber optic lenses are used by modern and sophisticated laser cutters to direct and regulate the laser location from the beam source. This guarantees that the laser beam’s focus of accuracy is significantly sharper and more precise.

2. Helps With A Wide Range of Complex and Diverse Jobs

Laser cutters can easily do many tasks that would be too difficult for conventional cutting methods. On an object’s tiniest border, laser technology can be applied. You can easily create intricate designs using only a laser cutter, albeit the cut region can undergo a minor displacement or denting.

Laser cutting is used for etching, piercing, and sculpturing in addition to cutting materials. It is important to remember that you can complete all of these tasks without changing or replacing your tools.

Laser cutting has a wide range of tolerances and is compatible with many different types of materials. Since practically all kinds of things can be sliced through with a laser cutter, it is a flexible method.

3. Saves Costs By Reducing Waste

One virtue of laser technology is its superiority in cost compared to other machinery of comparable quality. Only a very small portion of the materials will be wasted when using a laser cutter. By using a significant amount of the material, laser cutting distinguishes itself from other machines.

Laser cutting also has the benefit of protecting even the thinnest materials from damage. The tolerance is unaffected by heat, which only impacts a minor portion of the product. Cutting consumes less time because the laser cuts down layers at a rapid speed. As a result, producers can easily steer clear of deformation and cracks.

Manufacturers can handle objects to their fullest extent with the support of a laser cutter. Due to improved material use and reduced waste, the expense of production also falls.

Disadvantages Of Laser Cutting

Despite all of its advantages, there are a few laser cutting disadvantages users should be aware of.

1. Some Products Evaporate

Evaporation frequently happens when cutting certain materials, especially plastics. This is a serious drawback of laser cutting. Even though this drawback is difficult to manage, skilled machine operators would readily overcome it. To avoid this issue, the experts modify certain of the device’s configurations. But these days, the price of putting these reforms into practice is extraordinarily costly.

2. Calls For Experts

To actualize every one of the machine’s functions and immediately spot an issue, any professional operator is needed. The materials will be impacted by an improperly configured device, which will also result in more serious laser cutting damage. As there is a shortage of trained specialists, it is necessary to hire an operational specialist, which is expensive.

3. Dangerous Gases and Smoke

When a substance melts during thermal cutting, gases and toxic vapors are released. When dealing with plastics, the generation of these hazardous gases is typically expected.

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