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Carbon Emissions and Energy-Saving for Hybrid or Electric Servo CNC Press Brakes

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Apart from looking at effectiveness, companies also have to be responsible and look forward to investing in technologies and machines that can help support a sustainable future. Given the current state of our environment, companies and industries hold a major responsibility of contributing to an economy that supports nature. This is precisely the reason why companies around the globe are concentrating on investing in machines and tools that are effective and efficient while being eco-friendly.

 These ‘green machines’ are the future of industries as more and more concern and focus are driven to their development. Accurl understands these responsibilities and the importance of prioritizing nature and thus has contributed to making machines that deliver performance while being eco-friendly.

 Accurl’s machines include a range of press brakes, punch press, laser cutting machines, and water jet cutting machines. All these are manufactured with advanced technology integrated into them, along with eco-friendly specifics. In this article, we shall learn more about these ‘green machines. Let us begin.

How are they eco-friendly?

To begin with, let us understand why it is important for press brakes to focus on environmental sustainability. Like any other existing machine, the first press brakes were not made with environmental sustainability in mind, but to deliver performance to the best of its ability. Of course, since then, press brakes have evolved to be more precise and accurate with the advancement of technology.

While the technology progressed, people started becoming more aware of environmental needs, and have since tried to bring out better, more eco-friendly models. For press brakes, the advanced technology included CNC-integrated models that take commands from Artificial Intelligence to give you the bend or cut that you desire with extreme precision, allowing you more flexibility in your design.

Alongside these technological advancements, various other features were included to ensure that the machine remained environmentally friendly. Let us take a look at some of these features:

Advanced Hydraulic press brakes

One of the biggest features of environmental sustainability in these machines is the energy consumption systems. Without energy, these machines won’t run. However, the more energy a machine uses, the more damage they do to nature.

However, to avoid that, press brakes now come with advanced hydraulic systems that, unlike its predecessor, help with less consumption of energy and more output. One prime example is Accurl’s ePrAX® Hybrid Servo System.

This system is integrated into all Accurl’s press brake machines and increases energy efficiency by 73%. Its brushless motor allows the machine to make precise ram movements that reduce the use of energy and oil. This is, by far, the most innovative eco-friendly feature that you could look for in any press brake machine.

Sturdily built with less maintenance

Engineers and scientists keep coming up with designs and models that can reduce the strain on nature while providing optimum performance. One such innovation is the building of the machine.

New technology works more towards the durability of the machines so that they can perform for a long period with the least bit of maintenance. This factor adds to environmental sustainability as wastes are reduced to a minimum and carbon emissions are kept under check. Therefore, you get reduced wastage and long-lasting machines, all at one go.

Reduced noise pollution

Lastly, one of the main factors that could contribute to pollution is the noise and heat that first-generation press brakes machines emitted. Firstly, it is a common understanding that large machines are prone to make loud noises. However, with recent technological advancements, more systems are being manufactured that reduce noise and heat emissions.

Accurl’s ePrAX® Hybrid Servo System reduces sound pressure level to 50 dB so that loud noises and vibrations are kept under control. This is a major contribution to reducing noise pollution in the manufacturing industries.

Age of Electric and Hybrid Press Brakes

Along with these advanced features, new types of press brakes are entering the market that might as well be the face of new green machines in the industry. Alongside advanced hydraulic machines, press brakes with electric or hybrid systems are getting popular. These are more efficient and eco-friendly than other preceding systems.

Similar to hydraulic machines, electric systems use electricity to power the ram. Hybrid machines, on the other hand, mix hydraulic and electric systems to give you an optimized system that takes the best of both systems and offers you a system that is efficient, precise, and eco-friendly.

Much like Accurls’ ePrAX® modular for pump-controlled press brakes that use hybrid systems, these machines are powerful and live up to the expectations of a well-serving machine that does not have any negative impact on the environment.

Most of Accurl’s machines are powered by systems and fitted with features that make them the ideal sustainable machines of the feature that always keeps the environment in mind. Other such green machine series from Accurl include:

●      Accurl Economic Smart 3-4 Axis

●      Accurl Euro Pro Series 4-6 axis

●      Accurl Genius Plus Series 6~8 axis

●      Accurl Electrical Press Brake eB Icon Servo

Accurl also provides a range of other products including laser and jet cutting machines, punch presses, and more.

Wrapping up

Simply running a business with the intention of profit is a mindset that is outdated and ignorant. Modern business models include environmental sustainability as one of their core goals. Therefore, companies should start investing in machines and business aids that come with eco-friendly features.

The main aim here is to come up with machines and designs that provide optimum use of resources while reducing wastes and other pollution and delivering top-class results. Though it was not possible earlier, with current technology, it is easily achievable now.

At present, we keep on seeing new technologies and machines coming up that put great effort into being economically sustainable. Accurl’s products are perfect examples of this kind.

Therefore, if you are trying to invest in good and durable machines, make sure you check the machines’ specs before going in for the purchase, to do your part as an eco-friendly business.

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