ACCURL bending: How the IRIS PLUS bending angle measurement systems work?

Automatic bending angle measurement and automatic correction of the bending angle Active Angle control is a highly accurate angle control process that calculates spring back for each individual bend, then controls the bend depth with Live Angle Bending to achieve the correct angle. IRIS Plus comprises a laser transmitter and receiver set mounted to [...]

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ACCURL 2020 New Series 2D Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Sheet Metal cutter

ACCURL® assemble their lasers cutting machine 2000w/3000w/4000w/6000w to the strictest quality standards with nothing but world class components to ensure lasting quality at an attractive price. The following elements are included: BECKHOFF ® 17" Multi-Touch Displays Control System YASKAWA ® Highly dynamic EtherCAT servo drive PRECITEC ® LightCutter 2.0 Motorized Cutting head ACCURL® [...]

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100% Servo Electric Press Brake With CNC Green Bending Ball Screws Driver

ELECTRIC PRESS BRAKE = ECO-FRIENDLY! ENERGY SAVINGS! ELECTRIC IS THE FUTURE! Due to the ever increasing demand worldwide to decrease our carbon foot print, and become as efficient as possible, ACCURL has developed a new series of Green Electric press brakes, the eB ICON (Eco Bend) all Electric Press Brake Series. With the [...]

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Smaerline-3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 4Kw with Profile Laser Tube Cutting System

If you need laser cutting the steel plate at the same time, also can cutting tube profile function? For manufacturers, the word “Fiber” on its own invokes the idea of fiscal responsibility. The technology delivers lower maintenance costs with its reduced number of internal components compared with CO2, such as the optics that are [...]

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ACCURL 9-AxisCNCPress BrakeEuro ProB32229DLEEM DA69T 3D visualization System | Bending Follower Supports System

Top range "Made for Europe "with CE standard safety guards Euro ProB32220 (3200mm x 220 Tons)with Lazersafe with high speed bending ACCURL® EURO-PRO Series CNC press brake with a high-quality build, an impressive number of features and options, competitive pricing and advanced DELEM DA69T 3D capable graphical controls, this is your first choice in [...]

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New Model for ACCURL Genius 6 ~ 8-axis Hybrid Servo CNC Press Brake!

NEW MODEL! GENIUS PLUS HYBRID SERVO CNC PRESS BRAKE ACCURL represents a synthesis between technological innovation, & attention to detail/design. Add the best components in the world, and Accurl offers customers the foremost solution with an impressive Quality &Price ratio. ACCURL® New Hybrid Servo CNC Press Brake combine power and precision into a Europe [...]

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Now announcing the exclusive release of Industry 4.0 for CNC Press Brake!

ACCURL is simply dedicated to bending innovation! With Accurl, you can now acquire faster & smarter CNC Press Brakes that can produce 2x more parts per unit of time! Now announcing the exclusive release of Industry 4.0for Next CNC Press Brake! Nowadays, digitally connected manufacturing is key to increasing your levels of productivity and [...]

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NEW Accurl Master CNC guillotine Shearing Machine 10mm x 4000mm USA Installation

Our team here at AccurlUSA was honored to be chosen as the supplier for a major Stainless Steel specialty Job shop to help meet & surpass their shearing needs. This 10’ MasterCut shear is rated at .393" Mild steel, and includes powered blade-gap/rake angle adjustment with an easy to use touch screen P40 control [...]

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ACCURL 6 axis CNC Press Brake

The ACCURL CNC press brake with capacity 200 tons and 1500w fiber laser cutting machine for the Isuzu vehicles industry. The company North East Isuzu has been selling and servicing new and used vehicles in Burton, Hampstead Gardens, Port Augusta and the surrounding region of South Australia for many years. As an Isuzu dealer, North East [...]

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New CNC Bending Follower Supports System for Accurl CNC Press Brake

The New Accurl Press Brake Electric Servo sheet metal bending followers lifters basically consists of a pair of sheet supports placed on the front of the machine at the height of the bending line(bottom tool). Supports are completely controlled by the CNC, following and supporting the sheet during the bending process. and the dual [...]

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