ACCURL 4 Axis CNC Press Brake SMART FAB B50500 CNC bending machine installer

After assembly at ACCURL headquarters, we reassembled at Accurl Korea 2nd work shop. After transporting to Paju "S" customer company in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. The SMART FAB B50500 CNC Press Brake with 500 tons 5000mm CNC bending machine. DELEM DA58T CNC Controller System Y1, Y2, X, R, 4-AXIS CNC Crowning System Daylight 800mm [...]

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2018 NEW ACCURL CNC press brake with ECO-Standby Function

2018 NEW ACCURL® EURO-PRO B Series CNC press brake features an automatic CNC crowning system for improved quality, a servo driven back gauge system for increased speeds, and a 3D capable graphical control unit to simulate bending sequences and collision points.   ACCURL® promotes a friendly environmental policy and as such,all our equipment features the [...]

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ACCURL B32175 BRAKE SETUP / PRESS BRAKE SETUP. ACCURL is a "shell" of metal sheet processing equipment. The price is the most competitive and the quality is recognized by Europe and US as top quality machines. In August we did a ACCURL B32175 BRAKE SETUP / PRESS BRAKE SETUP. ↓ We have applied RED color paint instead of [...]

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From 18 - 23 September, ACCURL will be represented at the EMO Exhibition in Hannover. Visit us in Hall 15 on booth E96 and discover our advanced CNC Press Brake and Guillotine. At our booth we will present the CNC Press Brake Euro Pro B32110 (picture below). TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Standard Equipment: Height adjustable and movable sliding front support arms. DELEM [...]

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ACCURL hydraulic shearing machine for Stainless Steel Bending Manufacturers

Modern machinery NowGomehas the most modern machinery. “It was important to us that they were manufactured in our own country. With the many years of experience we had with accurl machine, the choice was not hard. But the 110T 3200 cnc press brake and shearing machine 6x3200mm we wanted was not in the standard range. [...]

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CNC Press Brake with DELEM DA58T CNC System and CNC Motorized Crowning

We are extremely pleased to present you the latest ACCURL CNC press brake model. The ACCURL EURO-PRO B series is an absolute novelty on the market. The "EURO-PRO B" CNC press brake has a revised design with respect to the older MB8 series, resulting in increased rigidity and even greater precision. We are also proud [...]

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New European 4 Axis CNC Press Brake System for company in Poland

We’re glad that every  triggers a chain of further deliveries. ACCURL Poland branch is a proof, which his new base equipped withACCURL4 Axis CNC Press Brake Euro ProB 32110with DELEM DA58T 2D Graphical Touch Screen.We wish them to get more ACCURL machines and to continue increasing their customer production! Standard Equipment: Height adjustable and movable sliding front support arms. [...]

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Four working New European Standard ACCURL Swing Beam Shearing machine in Germany

We’re glad that every triggers a chain of further deliveries. Our customer is a proof, which his new base equipped with 4 Sets Accurl hydraulic guillotine shear for sheet metal cutting. We wish them to get more ACCURL machines and to continue increasing their customer production! The advantages: Frame produced in China by ACCURL accurately [...]

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New Standard Premium WILA Clamping System for ACCURL CNC Press Brake

ACCURL CNC Press Brakes are Innovative and have super-fast clamping systems for clamping punches to the upper beams of press brakes. The Accurl CNC Press Brake Concept (UPB) makes it possible install New Standard and American and European Style Clamping Systems on any press brake. The advantages: All New Standard and American and European Style [...]

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Electric & Hybrid Servo CNC Press Brake with ePrAX®control -Servo Drive for Efficient – Fast – Precise

The electro hydraulic Servo ePrAX®control control press system newly developed by HOERBIGER close the gap between the valve controlled ePrAX®control basic and the servo driven high endePrAX®control max solutions for CNC press brakes. This systems is the consistent further development of servo driven press brake systems from HOERBIGER. Benefits: Fast - increased performance up to 10 % [...]

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