DATA M LaserCheck Angle Measurement System for CNC Press Brake Automatic Bending Angle iMeasure Systems

Th iMeasure Laser Bending Angle Measurement Systems manufactured by Data M Engineering is a bending angle measurement and correction system by means of a laser beam. The device is made of a laser and a camera on both sides of the bending line. Detection is carried out in this way. The system consisting of [...]

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How does a ACCURL Top Customization Multi-Axis CNC Press Brake Work ?

Description: Top range "Made for Europe" with CE standard safety guards from 40 to 6000 tons & from 1,5 meter to 12 meter New Accurl CNC press brake for sale get a price on the EuroPro press brake from ACCURL Machine Tool-CHINA. Outstanding Price-Performance ratio State-of-the-art user-friendly DELEM DA66T 2D Multi-Touch CNC Control Highest [...]

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Hydraulic Guillotine Shear with Sheet Metal Anti-twist System

Anti-Twist system prevents cutting sheet material from twisting in narrow and strip cuttings by holding straight during the cutting process against to blade movements. The unique Anti-Twist system of Accurl CNC guillotine shears consists of a series of hydraulic cylinders placed below the lower blade, which support the sheet metal against the upper blade. [...]

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NEW Accurl Master CNC guillotine Shearing Machine 10mm x 4000mm USA Installation

Our team here at AccurlUSA was honored to be chosen as the supplier for a major Stainless Steel specialty Job shop to help meet & surpass their shearing needs. This 10’ MasterCut shear is rated at .393" Mild steel, and includes powered blade-gap/rake angle adjustment with an easy to use touch screen P40 control [...]

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FIAT AUTO POLAND-Factory increases production with ACCURL Guillotine Shearing Machine

FIAT AUTO POLAND-Factory increases production with ACCURL Guillotine Shearing Machine MS8-6x2500mm. With the latest adjustments in the company, FIAT AUTO POLAND-Factory can work more efficiently and increase production. ACCURL's new machines have an important share.

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