Bending Angle Measurement Systems of Wireless digital protractor for CNC press brake

The Mitutoyo® wireless digital protractor provides the possibility to connect a digital protractor to the CNC wirelessly. The operator measures the angle with the digital protractor and sends the value to the CNC, simply by pressing a button.

The angle correction will be automatically calculated and fine-tuned by the DELEM CNC control.

The protractor, or angle measurement, option enables the possibility to connect a digital protractor tothe RS-232 interface or a USB port of a DA-66T / DA-69T controller. The machine operator can use the protractor to measure the angle of his bended piece. The measured value can be send to the DA-controller by pushing a button; the angle correction will be computed automatically.

The protractor interface is an option that needs a voucher to enable it.

Technical Data

Range:-360° to +360°
Tolerance:±2′ (±0.03°)
Repeatability:1’ (0.01°)
Resolution:1’ (0.01°)
Average duration:2.000 ore


Superior in everything, including energy savings, reduced fuel consumption, and respect for the environment. .EuroPro is the top ACCURL® press brake capable of bending and cutting the costs of the entire machining cycle to minimum levels and compressing production times to the maximum.

It is equipped with an innovative hybrid hybrid system with no price variation compared to a conventional machine, able to guarantee exceptional energy savings and a remarkable reduction in the consumption of oils thanks to the use of a double tank.

The results in numbers of this technological innovation are energy savings of up to 55%, a considerable reduction of oils (eg 2X40 liters – 110 t press), a 20% productivity increase, a reduction in the lift limit 20%, 50% lower oil temperature, reduced risk of 70% reduction, 50% tank volume reduction and a simpler and faster installation process by 50%. With the ACCURL® Hybrid System, a 60% reduction in the piping system is also recorded.

All the benefits that result in greater efficiency of the production system and in the production of perfect finished products. In one word: quality. Not only in terms of stability of the structure and bending accuracy but also of energy saving and minimization of pollutants.

The Hybrid System is a standard feature set in the standard configuration of the squeegee press. EuroPro, which, depending on production requirements, offers extreme flexibility even in the addition of customized options and solutions. Like the Hybrid System Plus, the system drives the 78% reduction in fuel consumption compared to a conventional machine and is well over 23% more than the standard Hybrid System.

ACCURL’s commitment to total quality continues. Through the use of daily investments in research and development, entrusted to highly specialized personnel and engineers, to the highest levels of expertise in sheet metal processing. Continuing efforts that already announce new and important achievements. First of all, the short-term development of an innovative system that allows automatic mold change.


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