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CNC Servo Electric Press Brake Adjustment

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Press brake machines are quite old and familiar tools in the manufacturing and fabrication industry. However, because of recent technological advancements, they are getting quite the update, which made the modern versions faster, more efficient, accurate, and highly productive.

This more modern and efficient machine is called the CNC Servo Electric Press Brake machine and is a hot topic in the manufacturing market. They are better than their traditional counterparts in more than one way and have greater advantages for you and your businesses.

In case you are here to know more about the modern press brake machines and how to adjust them, you are in the right place. In this article, we will take our time to go through and understand what the modern press brake machines are like and how you can adjust them like a pro. If you are ready, let us get started!

About Press Brake Machines

The first press brake machine was invented in the early 1920s. Though its original purpose was to crush and pound, people eventually started associating it with the term ‘brake’ and hence, came to be known as the press brake machine. Since then, the press brake machine has gone through several developments to stand in front of us today in all its glory.

So, what is a press brake machine, and how does it operate? A press brake machine is a tool that can help you bend, reshape, and manipulate a sheet or plates of metals. They are extremely useful in the manufacturing industry, ship, and airplane building industry, railway part building industry, and many more. They can easily help you create various shapes and types of metals.

Traditionally, press brake machines were operated manually where people had to use manual labor to operate press brake machines. As technology improved, other systems were introduced to operate the press brake machine, one of which was the hydraulic system. Let us read more about these systems before we understand how to adjust a CNC Servo Electric Press Brake machine.

How do Press Brake machines operate?

As we mentioned earlier, hydraulic systems were and are used to power press brake machines. To understand how a press brake machine works, we will first have to focus on the structure of the press brake machine.

A press brake machine has two main components — a die and a ram. While in some of the models, the die stays fixed, while in others, the ram is fixed, and the other part is left as the movable part.

The movable part is then applied with pressure and pushed against the fixed part while the desired material is kept in between them. From the pressure between the two parts, the metals in between are bent and manipulated in the desired manner.

The pressure that is applied on the movable part is through these systems, which include the following — hydraulic, electric, and hybrid. Until recently, hydraulic systems were the most modern update to the press brake machines.

Then, CNC Servo Electric Press Brake was introduced. Currently, CNC Servo Electric Press Brake machines are the most modern press brake machines in the market and are better than their predecessors. Accurl’s CNC Servo Electric Press Brake Machines are one of the best in the market, with longevity, reliability, and accuracy as a few of their best characteristics.

In CNC Servo Electric Press Brake, instead of hydraulic power, electricity is used to power the movable parts. Two servo motors are fixed on either side of the ram, with a number of pulleys in between to distribute the pressure equally along the whole length of the metal sheet. A CNC machine is also employed that can help the machine make precise and accurate movements and get better results.

So, that is all there is to know about the CNC Servo Electric Press Brake. Let us now move on to understand how you can adjust them and more.

CNC Servo Electric Press Brake Adjustment

If you want to make any adjustments to your CNC Servo Electric Press Brake, it is quite an easy job. To begin with, the most adjustable part is the die. To get different kinds of angles and bends, you need to change and adjust the die. There are different angles and shapes of die available in the market.

Based on your needs, you need to attach the relevant die to your machine to get the desired results. You must change the die before you get started with the machine to ensure safety and caution.

For other kinds of adjustment to the bends, you can freely adjust your machine through the CNC system. Every CNC Servo Electric Press Brake comes with an in-built CNC system which you can access through a display monitor.

The CNC system is an efficient system that allows you to feed information to the machine for it to move and give you the desired result. It intakes human language, converts them into machine language, and gives you exactly what you wanted for results.

You can get in touch with your provider to help you learn how to use your CNC Servo Electric Press Brake machine. Good providers will offer you free training sessions and advice on how you can make the best use of your machine. Accurl has a long-standing history of amazon after-sale and support services where they help you operate and master the machines.

If you want other adjustments made to your CNC Servo Electric Press Brake to meet specific conditions, you can always request your provider. Accurl can help make custom CNC Servo Electric Press Brake machines according to your needs and requirements. This allows you the flexibility to tweak your machine to certain conditions favorable for your business.


So, that is all you need to know about CNC Servo Electric Press Brake machines. Here, we have talked about what press brake machines are, how they operate, what CNC Servo Electric Press Brake machines are, how they operate, and how you can adjust them. Do remember, if you are willing to invest in a CNC Servo Electric Press Brake, it is always to understand how they operate to make sure that you can utilize them to their full potential.

As an endnote, here are a few tips we would like to offer you when you make your purchase of the CNC Servo Electric Press Brake machine:

  • Keep in mind the kind of products you will be producing.
  • Check the punch and die properly as they are the main components of your machine
  • Consider the angle of the die and purchase additional tools and parts
  • Consider the capacity of your production as that will help you determine the size of your machine
  • Consider the materials that you will be bending and their textures, as deflection might be an issue
  • Always purchase from a trustable provider such as Accurl

Accurl has a long history of being one of the best in its field, with consistency and quality as its main features. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing a CNC Servo Electric Press Brake from Accurl, you are making a wise choice. As for the rest, this article will be able to help you out for most of the part.

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