DELEM Profile-T Offline Software programming for Full 3D Simulation For Sheet Metal Bending

Profile-T 2D/3D:

DELEM Profile-T is the market leading solution in offline CNC Press Brake Programming for Accurl CNC press brakes. Completely integrated with Profile-T 3D along with SolidWorks & Autodesk Inventor providing full 3D simulation of the bending process. Utilizing either 2D or 3D geometry, Profile-T automates the sequence of operations typically done manually at sheet metal manufacturing facilities. Profile-T is the answer to typical issues that manufacturers have in their bending applications like full collision checking which ensures costly errors are eliminated prior to production, thus providing a “right first time” manufacturing approach.

The Profile-T software offers advanced CNC Press Brake Programming in 2D/3D in line with the DA-Touch controller software. The steps from the start of programming to the desired program including its transfer to the control are clearly embedded in the user interface.

CNC Press Brake Programming the product graphically shows a true scale representation of the intended product. Realistic product visualization gives feedback on feasibility, collisions, required tools and tool adapters for production.


  • 2D or 3D programming version
  • 3D machine representation
  • X1-X2 angle programming
  • 3D finger view
  • DA-Touch familiar user interface
  • X1-X2 angle programming
  • DXF import function (Profile-T3D only)

Profile-T features:

  • Full scale offline programming
  • Graphical product programming and bend sequence generation
  • Feasibility studies and production preparation
  • 2D/3D automatic bend sequence calculation
  • Collision detection
  • Product sharing over Windows networking with press brake CNC
  • Machine setup preparation including print functionality
  • Production time calculation

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