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How Does A 12kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Work — Step by Step

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The thing about technology is that there will always be something better out there as it keeps developing and updating. Especially for those in business, to get the best quality products, you need to have only the best and latest equipment in your possession.

Therefore, for the manufacturing industries that rely on fiber laser cutting machines, the latest model is here in town and you need to know all about it. Therefore, in this article, we will be exploring the working of a 12kW Fiber Laser Cutter. If you want to stay up to date, we suggest you read along!

Why a 12kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

As mentioned earlier, machines and equipment are always updating themselves and getting better with each update. For laser cutting machines as well, 12kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is the new machine that comes with a bunch of advantages. So, before we understand how a 12kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine works, let us understand why you may opt for a 12kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine:

  • Unique ‘BeamShaper’ that maintains the quality of the cutting despite the material
  • Slimmer cutting head design to reduce contact with the material
  • Various protection installed, thus lowering maintenance and repair costs
  • Ideal for long cutting processes due to optimal cooling in the cutting head
  • Intelligent with supreme integration ability
  • High intelligent sensors for the best performance

As you can see, 12kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine comes with a boatload of benefits that you must get to cope up with the market.

How does a 12kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine work?

Let us now understand how a 12kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine works. The working principle behind this machine is similar to that of a laser welder. Here, a laser beam with a temperature of more than 11 thousand degrees Celsius is used to cut through different materials.

However, because that type of high temperature can cause gasification in the materials, that is an important factor to consider while cutting. Different gases, based on the materials, are used for that case.

To begin with, a 12kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine has various parts including — host part, electrical control area, the laser, regulator, and so. Each of these parts serves a purpose, made specifically for them.

Firstly, you need to feed the machine the kind of cut, pattern, or shape that you want to cut. Once you have given the instruction, the machine will start moving its laser beam against the material on an optical path (the bed). With the right information, it will start shooting the laser beam against the material to cut the desired shape.

A 12kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is an excellent machine to have at your company’s disposal and Accurl does its best to provide you with nothing but the best. It is fast, efficient, intelligent, and has every other feature that will allow you to have precise and clear results. To have a better understanding of the machine and see it in action, Accurl has set up a nice demonstration that you can view here.

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