Laser bend angle measurement systems for CNC press brakes

The Laser angle measurement system with Data-M cobra Laser check system for An accurate bend angle after only one bending operation

LaserCheck are fully-automatic, laser-assisted bend angle measurement systems for press brakes. Irrespective of the properties or thickness of the material, the LaserCheck enables an exact determination of the bend angle with an accuracy of better than 0.1°. This represents precision which has never been available before.

  1. Variable working distance
  2. Die width up to 60 mm without adjustment
  3. Automatic height compensation
  4. Fast image transfer via GigE
  5. Long cable length up to 50 m
  6. S-Mount lenses (low distortion / fixed focus / fixed aperture)
  7. Measurement range 0° – 180°
  8. Real-time measurement
  9. GigE-port

The laser-assisted bend angle measurement system LaserCheck 11 works without physical contact. Existing press brakes can be upgraded with LaserCheck 11 without modifications to stamps or die. Parallel operation with 2 or 4 sensors is also possible. For direct connection to Windows XP controls with GigE port.

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