CNC Servo Driven Ram Turret Punch Press MAX-SF-50 ton for Superior Performance Servo CNC Punching Machine

With Accurl30 or 50 tons high speed servo hydraulic punching head, sheet dimensions 2500 x 1300 mm and rotation axis for all tools, the MAX-SF is the perfect CNC turret punching machine. The large fully-brushed sheet support tables and the standard repositioning cylinders, allow for standard sheet sizes to be processed easily.



MAX TSeries

A punching machine that converts your workshop to achieve its highest productivity


Flexibility In Multi Tools:

ACCURL®MAX-SF Series CNC punch press machine is new generation for Servo Hydraulic series, inherited the features of high reliability and durability from series HP. With Germany H+L advanced servo hydraulic system, its powerful punching capacity is good for thick sheet. Multi-functional for punching, forming, roller cutting and tapping, substantial reduce the stand-by time and increase material utilization. Furthermore, high speed, high accuracy, energy saving, and high integrated assembly construction, efficient reduce maintenance cost.

Advanced ServoSystem:

  • Advanced CNC Hydraulic Servo system with pressure valve to precisely control the speed, volume and pressure of oil flow.
  • To control the RAM stroke distance on both ends, hence the height and depth of each punch becomes programmable with 0.1mm accuracy.
  • Uniquely designed Machine structure ensures less preventive maintenance
  • The AC punch servo motor can be programmed for various applications.
    • High speed applications
    • Low noise applications
    • Forming applications
  • The punch servo utilizes a direct drive gearbox that supplies power and speed,the servo allows the user to steplssly adjust the punch stroke and accommodate any pressure curve requirements.

Complex Multi-Tools Auto Index Technology:

  • Synchronized dual servo motors for controlling the auto index functions.
  • 2 D Auto Index Stations for Multi Tools, either 3 B or 8 A.
  • Capable of indexing each individual tool within the 3B and 8A Multi Tool set.
  • 24 various size stations including 4 Auto Index stations Multi Tools.Therefore, a total of 24 to 52 tools can be employed.
  • Capable of running wheel, marking, grooving and forming Tooling.
  • The ACCURL is compatible with thick turret tooling,the wide variety of specialty tools com-bined with the programmable ram means the ACCURL can deliver for any application.

Standard Equipment:

  • Accurl Direct Drive servo punch system
  • Fanuc CNC and high precision absolute encoder, dynamic, brushless alfa series servo motors
  • 3 automatic repositioning clamps and loading switches.
  • FANUC Series Oi-PO CNC Control System
  • Aluminum workholder
  • Tool lubricating system (Airblow).
  • Free standing control panel.
  • Control with foot pedal.
  • Tools stuck safety system
  • 1 software (Lantek orRADAN software).
  • 24 or 42 turret stations
  • Digital oil temperature indicator.
  • Software for using wheel and forming tools.
  • Sheet jumping switches
  • Scrap box.
  • Chain protection around the machine (safety system).
Turret Configuration A B C D D-AI
32 Station-2 Auto Index 16 12 2 0 2
32 Station-3 Auto Index 16 12 1 0 3
42 Station-4 Auto Index 20 16 2 0 4
52 Station-2 Auto Index 30 14 4 2 2



Technical Specifications

Punching CapacityTon50
X Traverse Lengthmm2500±10
Y Traverse Lengthmm1250±10
Max sheet Sizemm1250x4980
Max sheet Thicknessmm8.35
Max Mass of Materialkg110
X Axis Traverse SpeedM/min.100
Y Axis Traverse SpeedM/min.80
Max Traverse SpeedM/min.128
Punching Speed at 25mm pitchhits/min.450
Nibbling Speed (stroke length 4mm, pitch 1mm)hits/min.1200
Tool TypeThick turret
Max Punching Diametermm88.9
Number of Tool Stations32 / 42 / 52
Number of Auto Index Stationspcs(type)4(2B+2C) / 3(2B+1C) / 2(1B+1C)
Turret Rotating Speedrpm33
Auto Index Rotating Speedrpm100
Ram Stroke Distancemm0-31
Working TableBrush
Number of Sheet Clampspcs3
Air SupplyNL/min250
Air Pressurebar6
Oil Tank VolumeLitre275
Machine Dimension (L x W x H)mm5940x5220x2420
Net Weight (approx.)kgf15,000
Size of Control Cabinetmm1350x700x2185
CNC ControllerFANUC Oi-PD
Number of Controllable AxisAxis4
RAM MemoryKB512
Serial InterfaceRS232 / RJ45 / PCMCIA
Punching Precisionmm±0.1
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