Now announcing the exclusive release of Industry 4.0 for CNC Press Brake!

ACCURL is simply dedicated to bending innovation!

With Accurl, you can now acquire faster & smarter CNC Press Brakes that can produce 2x more parts per unit of time!

Now announcing the exclusive release of Industry 4.0for Next CNC Press Brake!

Nowadays, digitally connected manufacturing is key to increasing your levels of productivity and efficiency.

The 4.0 software which has been designed & created by Accurl; will stimulate the bending process & will also allow you to program the Press Brake with Offline files via WiFi using the hand held 4.0 Tablet.

Thanks to the advanced Accurl CNC software, it’s now possible for companies to extract & share data through a company level as well as studying your Press Brakes’ production statistics.

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