OEM Embedded Lazersafe Systems for ACCURL CNC Press Brake

With PCSS A0 Safety Controllers + LZS-LG-HS Dual Planar Laser:

Performance without compromise.™

ACCURL® use LazerSafe LZS-LG-HS guarding system offers a highly effective solution for both operator safety and machine productivity. Designed for use with Lazer Safe’s PCSS A Series, the Lazersafe is category 4 compliant and meets the world’s most demanding international safety standards (CE Certified Category 4 Safety Controller with integrated).

PCSS-A series safety controllers


PCSS-A is a programmable safety controller designed to improve the performance and safety of press brakes.It provides flexibility for the press brake manufacturer and simplifies the design process by combining all related control, safety and monitoring functions into a single system and eliminates the need for complex integration of third party components and software. PCSS-A provides an optimum balance of functionality and performance with reduced build cost.


  1. Input and output connections
  2. LCD display
  3. Display navigation buttons
  4. TX & RX connections for LZS-LG, LZS-LG-HS, LZS-004, LZS-004-HS and light curtains
  5. Linear encoder input and output connections (Y1)
  6. SmartLink communications port
  7. Communications port for software transfer


  • CLASS 1 Dual planar laser
  • Fast response time
  • Safety speed automatically monitored
  • Stopping distance automatically monitored
  • Mute point automatically detected and monitored
  • Tray mode for high speed bending of tray and box shapes
  • Complex shapes can be achieved in high speed with Tray/Box Mode.

OEM Embedded Systems LZS-LG-HS hardware and software is CE Certified and compliant with all international press brake safety standards including EN12622, ANSI B11.3-2012,CSA Z142-10 and NR12.


  • The most advanced laser systems
  • Safety PLCs with manage and monitor
  • Constant monitoring of parameters related to safety


  • Lazersafe-PCSS A0 004 HS
  • Lazersafe-PCSS IRIS
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