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Industry 4.0 With IOT Productivity Monitor™

Thanks to the advanced ACCURL® CNC and interconnecting ad-hoc software tools like the “Smart Factory” make it possible for companies to enter industry 4.0 that is revolutionizing the reality of can extract data and share information at company level: bending programs, sensors, production statistics.

Additional Control Panel (ACP)

With the Additional Control Panel Option, in short ACP, an additional operator panel can be connected to a DA-60Touch control. This additional panel can be any Windows PC or tablet.and the connection between the DA-60Touch control and the ACP is made over ethernet.
All integrated in the control software any Windows tablet, or integrated Windows PC can run the ACPclient. With the software option (OP-W-ACP) enabled the control will communicate with the ACP and provide all control functions.

ACP features:

Products in time

This block displays a bar graph indicating for each product the amount that has produced per day. When the mouse cursor is moved onto one of these bars, the product ID and the amount for that date is displayed.

Machine modes in time

Here a bar graph is displayed indicating which mode was selected and for how long per day. The possible modes are:
Moving the mouse cursor onto a bar will display the mode and how many hours this was active.

Stokes and started in time

This graphs shows the relation between the time that the machine was started and how many Y-axis strokes were made during this period.

Messages in time

A bar graph displaying how many message were displayed over the time. Only the message that were active while the DA-Control was stared are indicated. The following categories of messages are indicted:

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