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Discover how ACCURL’s Bending technology can help you optimize your production

More productive sheet metal machines, new customized solutions, and easy-to- use option suites are designed to meet the customer’s real needs.


ACCURL Press Brakes

ACCURL® TOP CUSTOMIZATION CNC press brakes fully configurable following the customers need, and the Green hybrid servo & electric servo bending technology to the bending of sheet metal in China by ACCURL Top 10 press brake manufacturer, thus gaining a substantial technological edge over the competition.

A territory with a consolidated technological background and the inventiveness of the ACCURL family are the ingredients of the birth of ACCURL.One of the first company to apply Industry 4.0 enters the world of sheet metal bending machines in China by ACCURL.

ACCURL Economic Smart 3-4 Axis

Simple Cnc Press Brake Machine For Sheet Bending

ACCURL® SMART Series press brake, it’s an affordable CNC bending machine, an impressive number of features and options. Competitive pricing with advanced DELEM DA53T 2D capable graphical controls or Cybelec CybTouch 8PS, and that customers can also choose ESA S630 or ESA S640W CNC control system. Smart Series is your first choice in Y1/Y2 machine technology.

ACCURL Euro Pro Series 4-6 axis

Cnc Press Brake Machine For The More Demanding Taste

ACCURL® New EURO PRO Series CNC press brake with a high-quality build with 2.5-6 meters bending length and 50-400 tons bending force has floor bending solution, an impressive number of features and options, competitive pricing and advanced DELEM DA66T or Cybelec CybTouch 15PS 2D capable graphical controls, this is your first choice in Y1/Y2 machine technology.

Accurl Genius Plus Series 6~8 axis

Cnc Press Brake For Quiet Operation With Large Daylight & Stroke

ACCURL® New Genius Series Hybrid servo CNC press brake Based on proven design Pro Series has increased working speeds, stroke, daylight & pressing capacities. With advanced motion technologies and impressively quiet with the most flexible features and options, the Genius model is the ultimate in creating complex parts.


ACCURL Electrical Press Brake eB Icon Servo

100% Electric! Electric Bending Technology!

The eB-Electric Press Brake from ACCURL features the advantages of high acceleration, deceleration and extremely fast response time of the ball screw servo drive system.

Accurl Top Customization Press Brake!

Super Custom Cnc Press Brake For Deep-box Bending Solution

To meet all customer requirements, ACCURL® is a fully configurable machine with extended stroke and large daylight to make Deep-Box Bending to make electric appliance Manufacturing easier! The ACCURL custom Genius Hybrid Servo CNC Press Brake with extended stroke & open height Solution to bending boxes up to 800mm deep and more with no special tooling and with the utmost accuracy to make easy use of deep box bending.

Accurl Euromaster Hybrid Press Brake

Complete Range Of Professional Best Bending Solutioon

ACCURL®’s Top level EuroMaster hybrid press brake built with high-end specifications and execution, advanced motion technologies and is still impressively quiet. With the integration of advanced safety equipment and options the EuroMaster is the best in creating complex parts.

Accurl Tandem Press Brake

Complete Range Of Professional Best Bending Solutioon

ACCURL Tandem CNC Press brake equipped CE Lazersafe LZS-XL tandem adapter, you can switch between working in Tandem or single mode at any time, All working modes satisfy the strictest CE standard.

Two press brakes may be used in tandem when bending large lengths.and the Tandem system enables the two machines to be operated in simultaneous or stand-alone mode.this fast switching mode and safe working benefits by Lazersafe tandem adapter technology!

Press Brake Bending Robotic Cell

The Professional Of Automation Robotic Bending Solutioon

Thanks to the ACCURL Bending robot and automatic loading/unloading devices, the cell with two levels of automation – process and operation – is a reliable solution for unattended production, even at night. All risks associated with part handling during bending are faced by the robot and not by the operator.

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