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Tandem Press Brake for Sheet Bending


ACCURL Tandem Press Brake

Complete Range Of Professional Best Bending Solutioon

ACCURL Tandem CNC Press brake equipped CE Lazersafe LZS-XL tandem adapter, you can  switch between working in Tandem or single mode at any time,  All working modes satisfy the strictest CE standard.

Two press brakes may be used in tandem when bending large lengths.and the Tandem system enables the two machines to be operated in simultaneous or stand-alone mode.this fast switching mode and safe working benefits by Lazersafe tandem adapter technology!

ACCURL Tandem Press Brake

Includes Following Features And Configuration

Less Waste, Less Maintenance

High Performances

Same Job, 50% Less Energy

<High Dynamic Y-axis Control

<Over 30% higher productivity

Standard Equipment

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