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Tooling and Tool Storage Solutions

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Tooling and Tool Storage Solutions

To answer these custom press brakes needs, ACCURL provides innovative tool storage solutions dedicated to press brake standard & custom tooling : the Tool Station (modular tooling storage & changing system) and standard tooling cabinets.

Tool Storage System: Press Brake Storage, Loading & Unloading

The Press Brake Productivity Tool Station is available in two versions, both developed for the safe exchange and storage of WILA tooling. The ‘HD’ version is designed for easy exchange and storage of very large and heavy tools and is designed for use with the NSCL-HD-II-HC Heavy Duty Clamping. The regular version is ideal for smaller tools and is designed for use with the WILA Premium Clamping system.

The interface between the press brake and the Tool Station is ensured by 2 loading and unloading arms with roller & ball bearing system. It enables all sizes of punches & dies to be quickly, effortlessly & safely stored, loaded & unloaded. With our system, the working conditions of your operators will be improved and your productivity optimized.

The ACCURL Press Brake Productivity ToolStation:

The Press Brake Productivity ToolStation is suitable in combination with NSCL/NSCR-II-HC and NSCL/NSCR-HD-II-HC and will be delivered with 1 module and one load/unload arm.
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Tooling and Tool Storage
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