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Smart 1Kw 1.5Kw 2Kw 3Kw Laser Cutter Machine


Smart 1Kw 1.5Kw 2Kw 3Kw Laser Cutter

Complete range of fiber laser cutting machinery
Our ACCURL team now introduces its newest generation in tube and profile processing technology – the fiber laser tube cutting system. Technological innovation has brought us the Smart KJG Series. With exceptional reliability and high beam quality, our fiber laser cutting machines continue to be leaders amongst the competition.

Smart 1Kw 1.5Kw 2Kw 3Kw Fiber Laser Cutter

Includes Following Features And Configuration




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Incredibly fast and flexible, the ACCURL Smart fiber laser cutting system is ideal for ultra-high-speed cutting of thin sheet materials. The Genius has the ability to cut a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals while maintaining low cost operation.


Unique features::

Mechanical Processes

ACCURL have vast experience with R&D and designing components to very tight tolerances with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD modelling techniques, and ACCURL Engineers are competent in designing with first principal calculations for the CNC press brake and laser cutting machine.

Heat Treatment Processes

ACCURL press brake and laser cutting machine steel frames undergo annealing at over 600⁰ to relieve stress. and they are built to last years of heavy use without distortion.


Finishing Machining

The laser cutting machine frame goes through a heat treatment process for welding stress relief. Accurl frames are machined with 5 axis CNC machining centers with single reference fixing. This keeps all axis parallel and the surfaces of the machine precise which provides great accuracy and longevity to the machine.



ACCURL® assemble their laser cutter to the strictest quality standards with nothing but world class components to ensure lasting quality at an attractive price.

A heavier frame means less vibration and better accuracy. the machine frames are reinforced to minimize twists and deformation while the robust frame of the machine is joined to the chassis by steel bars.

Smaller air flow from the dust collector

Covered & protected by 20mm thick graphite anti-burning

Why Accurl Laser Machine?

ACCURL® Based on machinery design technology optimized through strict structural analysis, ACCURL has been manufacturing ultralight and high-precision industrial high energy laser cutting machines. In addition, we provide total solution for sheet metal working that customer want such as bending, welding, deburring, and loading automation.


  •  33 years of experience and more than 12,000 installed machines.
  • An expert R&D team committed to research the most competitive technology for our customers.

More Varied Solutions for Cutting

  • Sustainability and social responsibility are characteristics of modern companies and add to competitiveness.
  • Comprehensive range of basic tools in stock and modified solutions according to customer needs.

ACCURL High Quality Equipment

  • The critical parts of the Accurl laser machine are manufactured in Germany.
  • We rely on our quality and therefore give our laser cutting machine a 3-year warranty.
  • The IPG Fiber resonator. Power from 1Kw To 30kW.

After-Sales Service

  • Original ACCURL spare parts to guarantee full performance and prolonged durability.
  • Wide range of consultation services on machine operation, programming and maintenance.

Aluminium Gantry Structure

ACCURL® high tech aluminum crossbeam is cast in a specially manufactured 10-tonne steel mould. This allows better rigidity at 50% of the weight of traditional iron gantries, allowing higher acceleration with reduced inertia.

ACCURL Using German imported laser interferometer measurement and adjusting the linear operation precision of the machine, to ensure the accuracy of mechanical structure reaches 0.01mm. 


Drive System

The beam is mounted on a pair of precision REXROTH linear guide rails & with advanced German ALPHA engineering and precision manufacturing have created the highest quality linear systems available today.

ACCURL® Laser uses the best German racks and pinions from YYC. High precision two-way, hardened helical racks with low running clearance make it possible to achieve very high acceleration and speeds synchronized 170 m/min.

Taiwan, China YYC engineering RACK System
Servo Motors and drives from YASKAWA.

CNC Control System

The FSCUT2000 laser cutting control system of an economical laser cutting control system. Widely used in the field of metal and nonmetal laser cutting. Because of its outstanding performance in the field of fiber laser cutting, by the vast number of high-end users.

Main functions:
Support the AI, DXF, PLT, Gerber, and ect. Graphics data format, accept raw Mater Cam, Type3, Wen Tai software into international standard G code.

CYPCUT CNC System Features:

cnclaser22 (1)

Cutting Head Raytools

The RAYTOOLS AG comes with the external motor and the built-in drive unit through the linear driver and the focusing lens can automatically change the position in the range of 25mm. The user can set the focus continuously through the program to complete the rapid perpiercing of thick sheets or other different thickness and material sheets.

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