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Servo Electrical CNC Press Brake eB Icon Series


Electrical CNC Servo Press Brake eB Icon Series



ACCURL Electrical CNC Servo Press Brake eB Icon Series

100% Electric Bending Technology!
Superior Quality – Reliability – Economy

In response to the ever-increasing demand to decrease the manufacturing carbon footprint and become more energy-efficient, ACCURL has developed a new series of “green” electric servo press brakes, the eB ICON (Eco Bend) all Electric Press Brake Series.

These state-of-the-art electric servo press brakes reinforce ACCURL’s position in the upper echelon of worldwide precision servo press brake manufacturers.

Our 100% electric servo press brake technology was developed with one main goal in mind. To produce all-electric servo presses that would reduce consumption of fossil fuels by at least 50% or more.

Currently, we offer these highly sophisticated eco-friendly electric servo press brakes in multiple sizes. These can be configured to handle various stroke lengths and force/load requirements to meet the needs of any production process.

The eB-Electric Press Brake from ACCURL features the advantages of high acceleration and deceleration and rapid response time of the ball screw servo drive system.

Servo Electrical CNC Press Brake Catalogue

ACCURL Electric Press Brake eB Icon Servo

Includes the Following Features and Configurations

Machine Features
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Maintenance Icon

Less Waste, Less Maintenance

High Performance Icon

High Performance

Design Icon

Same Work, 50% Less Energy

Dynamic Y-axis Control Icon

High Dynamic Y-axis Control

Over 30% higher productivity

Standard Equipment

  • Bending accuracy: 2,5µ
  • Approach speed: 300mm/s
  • Return speed: 300mm/s
  • Bending speed: 10/20mm/s (the second speed is only available for some markets)

FEA & Stress Analysis

Stress Analysis & Finite Element Analysis

CAE software SOLIDWORKS analyzes the linear static construction, stress, and deformation for press break and laser cutting machine frames.

So for complicated structures, highly complex loading, transient modeling, and a combination of the above, FEA makes sense for the eB Icon series of electric press brakes.

Stress Analysis & Finite Element Analysis
CNC Control System

Over 35 Years Of Experience In Top Level Controls

Successfully controlling precision and productivity in modern sheet metal production is essential. High-performance software is a key part of achieving optimal outcomes for multiple tasks.

Highly effective control algorithms optimize the machine cycle, reduce the time required for set-up and ensure consistently high quality.

ACCURL press brake CNC Control System
Safety Arrangements

Lazer Safe - Performance Without Compromise

The LZS Series and IRIS Series laser safety protection provides superior optical performance while maintaining the highest level of productivity for CNC press brakes.
Safety Arrangement
Bending Angle Measurement

Iris Plus Angle Measurement System

Automatic angle measurement and correction of the bending angle: IRIS Plus real-time angle correction is an indispensable device for the most demanding applications. IRIS Plus is ideal for such tasks comprising a laser transmitter and receiver set mounted on the upper beam of the press brake. IRIS Plus incorporates a high-speed digital camera and image data processing system within the receiver unit.
Iris Plus Angle Measurement System

Industry 4.0 With IoT Productivity Monitor™

Advanced ACCURL® CNC and software tools like “Smart Factory” allow companies to enter industry 4.0 – the manufacturing revolution. ACCURL makes it easy to extract data and share information at the company level. For example, bending programs and production statistics.
Industry 4.0 With IOT Productivity Monitor™

Design Concept:

Our Servo-Electric Press Brake provides energy savings of up to 50%.

The ACCURL® eB Series press brake is a compact, fast, accurate, non-hydraulic bending solution.

The ram is driven by a heavy-duty servo motor and a high-performance ball screw. This innovative machine concept combines productivity, accuracy, flexibility, and reliability with high priority to beneficial ecological aspects – we call this concept “Green Means”.


ACCURL® eP series press brake

Servo-Electric Technology:

Innovation, reliability, and productivity

The eB Icon Servo-electric press brake delivers high accuracy, flexibility, and consistently superior results in the bending process. Our all-electric servo press brake offers low power consumption, less maintenance, and no need for hydraulic oil or other hydraulic components for operation.
Servo-Electric vs Hydraulic Technology


The eB Icon Series is a package of innovative and customer-oriented solutions that reduce machine energy consumption.
The drive system, developed by ACCURL®, includes two high-quality low-noise ball screws guided by two servo motors and helical gearboxes. This combination guarantees the best performance and durability. Another benefit is it eliminates the effects caused by inertia experienced in a comparable belt-driven system.
Time cycle comparison
The eB Icon press brake benefits from the servo-electric drive’s rapid acceleration, deceleration, and response time. Compared to conventional C-frame press brakes or even hybrid models, the eB Icon press brake can reduce cycle times by up to 30%, significantly increasing productivity.
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