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Smartcut S Series Swing Beam Shears


Smartcut S Series Swing Beam Shears​

A superior design along with a high yield steel allow for our SmartCut S Series Swing Beam shears to offer smooth, precise cuts whether you are cutting thin or thick material. The SmartCut series provides high strength, productivity, sensitivity, and safety while lowering your production cost and improving your bottom line.

Technical Features

Standard Components

Built To Last

Accurl Shears are built to exacting specifications using only the highest quality steel and components. We designed them with our customers in mind and with their feedback to help make the best shears in the market. We stand behind all of our machines with a 10 year warranty on our frames. These shears may be the last shears you ever need to buy!

Cut Efficiently

A good machine ultimately helps you be more productive. You need to make more parts in less time. Accurl shears are designed to give you the highest level of production without compromising safety or breaking your budget. And our shears are so simple to use, you’ll be amazed how fast your bottom line will grow!

Cut Accurately

It’s difficult to be productive if you constantly have to “fix” your parts. Never settle for a machine that is just “good enough” as you will find that it will end up costing you over and over again. Accurl shears are designed to get it right the first time, every time. Accuracy is vital to keeping up workflow and avoiding production bottlenecks!

Cut Safely

Accurl shears have been designed for optimal production, but without compromising safety. Our machines come with rear curtain panels, portable foot pedal control to allow operation safely away from the blades, finger guards with automatic safety switches that won’t allow the machine to operate while lifted and many other features to keep your workflow moving.

High Performance And Reliability(Patent):

We design the accumulator return to have no nitrogen gas leakage, which allows there to be no maintenance needed. This meets the CE safety standards and has a high reliability to keep your machine running.

Optional Upgrades

When necessary to boost the machine performance, the SmartCut S Series can easily be upgraded with various options.

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