New ACCURL 10′ x 135 Ton Servo CNC Press Brake with CNC BackGauge BGA-6 for X1 X2, R1 R2, Z1 Z2-Axis

Top range “Made for Europe” with CE standard safety guards
From 40 to 6000 tons & from 1, 5 meter to 12 meter
New Accurl CNC press brake for sale get a price on the EuroPro 8-Axis CNC press brake from ACCURL-CHINA.
Outstanding Price-Performance ratio
State-of-the-art user friendly DELEM DA66T 2D Multi Touch CNC Control
Highest Part Precision


ACCURL 13’ X 175T EURO PRO  6+1 Axis Press Brake MachineLOADED with DA66T CNC Control, Wila Clamping W/STL System, BGA-4-Axis Servo Backgauge of X R Z1 Z2-Axis, Hybrid ECO-Energy Savings drive, and much more!

ACCURL latest very efficient 6-AxisCNC press brakeswithHybrid ECOServo drive system, why efficient? All of our CNC press brakes come standard with a servo motor to control the hydraulic system and not a standard motor that runs continuously. The servo motor only activates once the foot pedal is pressed saving significantly on electrical costs.

Our main objective is to help make our clients more productive & competitive with the assistance of our premier equipment & team of specialists, at an affordable cost.

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  • DELEM DA-66T CNC control unit with 2D graphics
  • 6+1 axis CNC
  • Y1, Y2 precision ram positioning
  • Standard BGA-4 for X, R ,Z1 ,Z2-axis ( X=800mm,R=200mm)
  • DELEM CAD/CAM Profile-T3D Expert 3D Offline Software
  • ACCURL PRO CNC motorized wave crowning
  • Large trio of value
  • Large open height
  • Large stroke
  • Large throat depth
  • HOERBIGER hydraulic valve block, pump and valves
  • High Siemens efficiency motor– class IE3
  • Hybrid ECO Function for energy-saving drive
  • Rear cover: Safety barriers (Category IV)
  • Sheet metal frontal supports
  • Front and rear lighting
  • Industry 4.0 of Productivity Monitor (software version V3.5.3)
  • CE Norms: OEM Embedded Lazersafe Systems PCSS A0 + LZS-2 Block Laser (Category IV)


The DA-66T offers 2D programming thatincludes automatic bend sequencecalculation and collision detection. Full2D machine set-up with multiple toolstations giving true feedback on theproduct feasibility and handling

The application of Multi Touch technology reduces the number of keyboard- and button actions to an absolute minimum. The innovative Smart Draft, Design/Bending Multitasking, Step Previewer and Combined Icons features allow the operator a straightforward, intuitive control of the entire production cycle.

  • 17” high resolution color TFT(touch screen control)
  • Design and Bending Sequence Calculation in Multitasking Mode
  • Standard 2D/3D visualization
  • Automatic or manual bending
  • Automatic double bends solution
  • Execution of generated 2D-programs
  • Editable graphical tool database
  • Editable material database
  • Automatic/ Programmable retraction
  • False bend solution
  • Exporting of computed flat patterns as DXF ,3D STEP, IGES files(Profile-T-3D)
  • Real time bend sequence calculation
  • Multi-language support
  • 3D Simulation with automatic best bend sequence identification with collision detection.

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The Wila’s ‘New Standard’ Tooling System has become market leader for precision, quality and flexibility for the Accurl press brake. the WILA’s state-of-the-art clamp systems offer optional for the ultimate efficiently changing tools with Smart Tool Locator® (STL)* have made the changeover process easier and safer. and Premium is available as an option.


  • Hydraulic power source
  • Quick clamping for Europe style tooling
  • Simple push-button loading
  • Max load head/shoulders 180 t/m

Optional for Smart Tool Locator® (STL)

Increase your press brake productivity

  • The Smart Tool Locator (STL) further increases your press brake productivity. The system indicates by means of built-in LED’s the right clamping position of your tooling during tool set up and indicates the active tool location in production mode.
  • The Smart Tool Locator offers significant benefits in speed,precision and flexibility.


ACCURL® press brakes are provided are equipped with BGA-2-6-axis CNC backgauge constituted by a solid structure in order to assure the best repetitiveness and high precision in axes positioning

ACCURL 2-Axis CNC BackGaugeBGA-2 for X ,R-Axis

ACCURL 4-Axis CNC BackGaugeBGA-4 for X ,R, Z1, Z2-Axis

ACCURL 5-Axis CNC BackGaugeBGA-5 for X ,R, Delta X , Z1, Z2-Axis

ACCURL 6-Axis CNC BackGaugeBGA-6 for X1 X2, R1 R2, Z1 Z2-Axis

Stroke X = 800 mm

Max. Speed X = 450 mm/s

Stroke R = 200 mm

Max. Speed Z = 550 mm/s


  • X ,R-Axis with HIWIN linear guide and Ball Screw.
  • CNC (Manual) Z1,Z2-axis with HIWIN linear guide.
  • Unprecedented positioning repeatability of ±0.05 (optional ±0.01).
  • To reach maximum versatility you can automate both backstops with X1-X2 axes, reaching an angle of 80° on oblique bends.

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**ACCURL offers consumables, parts and Hypertherm materials at very competitive prices.
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