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Best China Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine

Charles H. Townes has stated in his research paper titled “The First Laser ” that lasers are the solution looking for a problem. Originated in 1960, Laser stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.” They are used in almost all sectors, ranging from medicine to military and communications to manufacturing industries.

One such use of lasers is laser cutting. Accurl is a leading brand that manufactures the best stainless steel laser cutting machines, which are affordable and less intensive.  Let us dive into the details of these amazing working structures.


About Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a technology that aims to incise materials in segments with the use of laser beams. The process consumes enormous power and involves the generation of a large amount of heat.

The first laser cutting trial was done in 1967 in Welding Institute, Cambridge. It was Peter Huldocraft who experimented with laser cutting on a 1mm sheet of metal. Since then, this technology has been extensively researched and investigated for its applications, such as Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine and 3D laser welding machines.

With the advent of engineering science and cybernetics, laser cutting is now a computer-assisted process that offers precision, efficiency, better control, and speed in manufacturing and fabrication procedures.

The working mechanism of laser cutting

The thermal process involves a rigorous mechanism to execute the precise results. Following is a step-by-step detail that depicts the working mechanism of laser cutting.

  1. A laser-sensitive material is excited via electrical energy inside a closed apparatus that works to give rise to a beam of laser.
  2. The beam is reflected by mirrors within the apparatus. Continuous bombardment results in exceeding the threshold limits and achieving sufficient energy to generate a monochromatic light of the same frequency. This peculiar property is known as coherence.
  3. Next, the beam is concentrated on the site of operation with the help of mirrors or fiber optics.
  4. The coherent beam can also be projected through computer numerical control (CNC) to initiate the cutting process.
  5. Generally, the cut begins from the edge. In case the cut needs to start from between the sheet, a hole has to be made before beginning with the cutting process. This hole can be made by using high-pulsed laser beams.
  6. The three stages to the final cut are burning, melting, and finally vaporizing. This is how material such as metallic sheets, die, or jewelry is sliced.

An important feature is the narrowest segment of the beam in its diameter, which needs to be less than 0.0125 inches for receiving explicit outcomes.

High power density lenses are used with sufficient depth of focus. It is suggested to use small, focused spot size lenses to generate optimum laser cut.

Techniques of industrial laser cutting

Currently, two Laser cutting techniques are widely employed.

  1. Fiber lasers: Scientists have labeled this as a “ Solid-State Laser” because it generates laser beams via the solid-state medium, unlike the carbon dioxide laser.

The Accurl fiber lasers have better absorption strength, this accumulates to enhanced precision as compared to carbon dioxide lasers with the same power values. Thus, these consume less energy and are fuel-friendly.

These require less maintenance because of the absence of movable equipment, such as mirrors or fans. This cuts on cost and makes the whole process economical. It can be used to cut reflective materials, such as brass or copper, without the concern of back reflection, which can pose damage to the machine.

The CNC fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with more advanced features. It can incise metals that have a multi-dimensional profile.

  • Direct Diode Laser:  These belong to the same category as that of fiber lasers, that is, “Solid-State Laser.” These are more advanced and utilize beam combining technology to integrate multiple beams of variable wavelengths generated by a diode.

The diode lasers, manufactured by Accurl, have better wall plug-in efficiency and lower values of optical losses. It is available at multi-kilowatt power levels and is set up in many industries. These are still in the development phase.

Stainless steel laser cutting machine

This category of cutting machines is used to cut stainless steel metal sheets. One can opt for fiber, CO2, high-density plasma, or waterjet systems to achieve the requirements.

Few things which should be considered while using Accurl’s stainless steel laser cutting machine are mentioned below.

  1. Cutting Speed: This factor is inversely proportional to the laser power and sheet thickness. If you use the machine at optimum speed following these two features, there will be fewer striations, fine surface finish, and no dross.
  • Cutting range: Decide on fiber lasers or gas lasers as per priority. Generally, fiber lasers assure more coverage in sheet dimensions, but this is a limited process. Above the optimum values, the product quality begins to decline.
  • Edge quality: Appropriate adjustments in cutting speed, focal point, and assist gas pressure can result in improved edge quality. While cutting steel, mostly nitrogen is the choice as the assist gas.
  • Thermal effect: Lowering the pressure value helps in reducing the thermal effect on the sheet. Moreover, higher temperatures can melt the material below the cutting edge.
  • Efficient Interface: These machines are now blessed with automatic adjustment of cutting and blade gap adjustment, which ensures accuracy. The interface is simple to use and also has a material library for the reference of the user.

Best China Stainless Steel Laser cutting machine

Accurl invests a lot in its R & D section, ensuring to design machines according to their use, product requirements, power, the material of operation, and the quality of the beam. Following is a list of few commercially available fiber laser cutting machines.

  • Smart 1Kw 1.5Kw 2Kw 3Kw Laser Cutter Machine
  • SmartLine 2Kw -4Kw Fiber Laser Machine
  • MasterLINE 6Kw-15Kw Fiber Laser Machine
  • Tube Laser Cutting Machine

It is important to make an intelligent choice while selecting the best stainless steel laser cutting machine. Assess the benefits over risks. Contemplate enough about the design and maintenance, ease of use, safety features, automation, software adaptability, and budget. Know you’re getting the best in the industry when you purchase with Accurl.

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