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CNC Bending Machine Working Principle

Due to advanced technologies and inventions, the world has seen numerous changes for the better. Thanks to these technologies, industries around the world have been introduced to numerous aids, solutions, and tools that have made operations easier, more efficient, and even environment-friendly.

One such tool is the CNC Bending Machine. For all those companies that are thinking of purchasing a CNC Bending Machine, let us assure you that you are making the right decision. However, as businessmen, you ought to know in detail about the machine that you are going to invest in.

Therefore, to help you out with your decision, we have here this article that will explain what a CNC Bending Machine is and how it works so that you can have the maximum advantage of owning it.

About CNC Bending Machine

CNC Hydraulic Bending Machine and CNC Bending Machine have been around for a while but have become better and better with time and advancement. It is a machine that helps bend cold sheets of metals into desired geometric and cross-sectional shapes. It has several uses which are needed in various industries such as manufacturing, automobile, railway, aircraft, shipbuilding, and so on.

Among companies, Accurl has been one of the top producers of the most high-end CNC Bending Machines. They are easily affordable, eco-friendly, and can adapt to your needs through customization. Some of the top features for Accurl CNC sheet metal bending machines are:

  • A powerful CNC control system for precise control and supervision of the bending and pressing
  • Excellent back gauge adjustments to help suit your needs
  • Consistent parallel and precision run with a reliable crowning system
  • Has top-class optical safety without disrupting performance or productivity
  • Smart Tooling App from WILA for efficient management of inventory and quick data entry
  • An improved system for tooling clamping
  • All products have Hybrid Eco Function to support the environment and be eco-friendly
  • Active angle Control for better angle management and measurement 

Now that you understand what a CNC Bending Machine is and various of its features, let us now move on to understand how it works.

How do CNC Bending Machine work

Technologically advanced sheet metal bending machines such as CNC hydraulic bending machines have become easier to operate. With only a few instructions and data input, you can get your desired results in a matter of minutes. However, to deeply understand how you can work with a CNC Bending Machine, here is what you need to do.

Do note that before operating the machine, you should follow all the safety protocols mentioned and take proper precautions with safety gearing and clothes.

  • Make sure that switch, motor, grounding, and normal are stable and normal. You also need to check whether the control and switches are in their normal positions or not. Once you have all these checked and confirmed, you can proceed to the next step.
  • The upper and lower molds should overlap and be firm and should meet the requirements before the processing.
  • You need to return to the origin program if the position of the other axis and the upper slide plate are not at the origin.
  • You should try dry-running the machine for a minute or so and try operating the slide at its full stroke for two to three minutes before the actual use. This process is to determine whether the machine is in its best condition. If you hear any abnormal sound, stop the machine, locate and remove the hindrance and start again.
  • There should be one person who is commanding uniformly while the cooperating personnel is at a safe distance and position when the bending action starts.
  • Make sure to compact and avoid lifting the sheet while the bending is in process. It is so that the sheet does not lift and hurt the people nearby.
  • Make sure to cut off the power supply every time the sheet is adjusted
  • Make sure the lower mold does not come in touch with any material when the opening is changed of the variable on the lower mold.
  • No personnel should stand behind the machine as long as it is operating.
  • The machine should be stopped to correct either the sheet or mold to avoid any accidents or hand injuries
  • Someone should be responsible to consistently check the overlapping of the lower and upper molds to make sure that the pressure gauge is according to the regulations.
  • The machine should be stopped immediately if any abnormalities are noticed.
  • Lastly, once the machine is done operating, make sure to place wooden blocks under the cylinders and on the lower molds on either side. Then carefully lower the upper slide plate over them.


Investing in a CNC Bending machine is definitely worth the price as it is a long-term investment that will serve you for a very long time. Understanding how it works is just another way of utilizing it properly so that it keeps delivering high-end products for the longest amount of time.

There are numerous CNC Hydraulic Bending Machines and CNC Bending Machines out there, so you need to make sure that you choose the right one for your needs. Accurl offers many machines that you can customize and choose according to your needs. The following are the best machines from Accurl:

  • Accurl Economic Smart 3-4 Axis: It is an affordable machine that is perfect for simple bending operations.
  • Accurl Euro Pro Series 4-6 axis: if you are looking for a machine that can operate a bit more complex bends and operations, this machine is perfect for your needs.
  • Accurl Genius Plus Series 6-8 axis: best for creating complex and intricate parts, this machine is the best available option. Not to mention, along with these highly advanced operations and functions, it is also extremely quiet in its operations.

There are other machines as well that are perfect for your needs and requirements. Accurl, with its years of experience, has all the necessary machines with the features that are perfect for your business.

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