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Introduction to Smart Series and Genius Series Of Laser Cutting Machines

Due to the recent surge of technology, every machine used in every industry is getting major updates. Alongside that, various innovations have led to the introduction of new tools and pieces of machinery. For that sole reason alone, companies have better options when it comes to choosing the right kind of technology and machines for their businesses.

On that note, one of the other industries to get a major update is the manufacturing industry with the latest innovations, AI, and smart technologies. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right laser cutting machine, you will be surprised to know about the range of products available in the market. But then, how do you know which one to choose for your business?

We will do the honors of helping you out by introducing you to two of the most popular series for laser machines out there — Smart Series and Genius Series Laser Cutting Machine. Therefore, without missing another beat, let us get started!

What are laser cutting machines?

Before we get further into details about the two different series, let us first understand the machines themselves a little better. So, what are laser cutting machines, and how are they useful to manufacturing and other relevant industries?

Laser cutting machines are important tools employed in several industries to help make precision etchings, cuttings, and designing products. The laser cutting machine helps emit a high-powered laser beam that can help cut, etch, or design a desired material to provide you with the desired results.

Modern laser cutting machines have something called a CNC system attached to it. A CNC system or Computer Numerical Control system helps feed a machine with proper information and data that helps it move or act in a predetermined manner. In laser cutting machines, you need to feed the CNC Laser Cutting Machine the kind of cut or design you want on your material.

The CNC system will then help direct the laser cutting machine to give you a precise and accurate result, just like you wanted. This is another latest innovation added to the machines to make them better, more efficient, accurate, and deliver higher productivity.

As mentioned earlier, due to the constant drive in technological advancements, you get new improvements and updates in tools almost every day. With that said, laser cutting machines, too, have various versions under it of which the Smart and the Genius series are present. Next, we will talk about this series and what they have to offer.

Smart Series Laser Cutting Machine

The Smart Series Laser Cutting Machine is an addition to the long line of laser cutting machines with the latest advancements. It can cut and operate on a range of materials. This series employs the fiber laser, which can effectively cut highly reflective materials including copper, brass, and aluminum alloys.

The fiber laser is highly reliable and is of the highest quality, giving you astounding results and high precision cuts. It also employs the latest profile and tube processing technology.

Accurl offers a range of products which includes the Smart Series Laser Cutting Machine. They are the best in their fields and are of the top-most quality. Here are the products that Accurl actively offers its customers:

  • ACCURL IPG 500w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Steel
  • ACCURL IPG 700w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Steel
  • ACCURL IPG 1000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Steel

Genius Series Laser Cutting Machine

The Genius Series Laser Cutting Machine is yet another latest addition to the long line of laser cutting machines. The Genius KJG series is fitted with the latest technologies and characteristics.

This series, too, employs the latest fiber laser technology that is fast, reliable, flexible, and operates at a low cost. It is exceptionally ideal for cutting thin materials yet can actively operate on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Other defining features of the series include the following:

  • It offers an ultimate simultaneous positioning speed of 160 meters per minute
  • It also offers a precision of (+) (-) 0.05 mm
  • The models in this series can achieve an acceleration speed of 14 m/s2 or 1.5G

Accurl also manufactures and sells the Genius Series Laser Cutting Machine. As usual, they are of unparalleled quality and continue to be one of the best in the market. Here are the products that Accurl’s Genius Series Laser Cutting Machine offer you that you might be interested in:

  • ACCURL Genius 500w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with 1500x3000mm
  • ACCURL Genius 700w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with 1500x3000mm
  • ACCURL Genius 1000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with 1500x3000mm

Benefits of Laser Cutting Machine

Now that we have understood the different product series of laser cutting machines available in the market, we will quickly gloss over why laser cutting machines are important tools and can be immensely beneficial to your company.

Helps Broaden Scopes

CNC Laser Cutters have high precision features which allow them to take on complex and complicated designs. While these designs may take a lot of time through the methods, laser cutting machines can get it done faster and easier.

This feature in itself can allow businesses to take on different kinds of projects demanding different levels of intricacy. Thus, a business can expand and reach out to new scopes with the help of laser cutting machines.

Provide Precision Cuts And High Accuracy

Laser cutting machines employ powerful lasers that can help make extremely precise cuts. They help melt away the material with this powerful laser beam with a tolerance ranging from 0.003 to 0.006 mm. With such precise control, you can easily opt for complicated designs and designs that require extreme precision.

Highly Versatile

Laser cutting machines can be used on a number of materials and for a number of purposes. You do not strictly need to use it for cutting only. Laser cutting machines can also be used for other purposes, including drilling, etching, engraving, marking, and so on. The best part is that you need not change, upgrade, or switch its parts to get different results.


Last but not least, laser cutting machines are very economical and sustainable, which makes them a great choice for business investments. Firstly, it does not need a whole bunch of external or additional parts that you need to invest in. As compared to other heavy cutting machinery, it does not have too many parts that you need to consider as well. Also, the operation and maintenance costs for laser cutting machines are pretty low.


So that is all you need to know about the different types of models available in the market as far as laser cutting machines are concerned. You may go along with the product series that best suits your needs. As much as the product itself matters, do remember that you need to rely on the right provider as well.

Accurl has been in this field for years and has garnered the deserved reputation of being the best at what it does. Not only are their products the best of the lot, but they also provide equivalent customer service so that you as a business can make the most out of your product.

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