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Why Is Servo Electric Press Brake Faster Than Hydraulic Press Brake?

When you go to purchase even the smallest of commodities, you do a double-take so that you make a better purchase. Therefore, when it comes to major investments such as purchasing a piece of machinery for your businesses, it is natural for you to understand which model or machine would be a better investment and bear you better results.

Therefore, if you are out to invest in a Press Brake machine and want to brush up on which model is better, which type of Press Brake to go for, and which machine will give you better benefits — you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the two main types of Press Brake machines — the Servo-Electric Press Brake Machine and the Hydraulic Press Brake Machine. More so, we will focus on why the former is faster than the latter.

This will be a great source of information so that you can make a better and more well-informed decision. Then, without further ado, let us start!

About Press Brake machines

Before we get to the details, let us quickly brush up on our knowledge of what a Press Brake machine is. A Press Brake machine is a piece of equipment that is primarily used in the fabrication or manufacturing industry.

It helps to easily manipulate sheets of metals to give them certain desired shapes and forms. It is used to manufacture both small and big products alike. Accurl’s wide range of products are industry favorites to produce products like parts of ships, automobiles, railways, airplanes, and so on.

The way Press Brake machines work is that it applies force from generated energy on a punch or a die (whichever is movable) through levers. The force makes the punch or the die move against the other, with the metal sheet in between them, to give it its desired shape and form.

With modern updates, Press Brake machines have become smarter and more efficient than before. This brings us to the most modern uptake — a CNC Press Brake Machine. This new update on the Press Brake machine is more efficient, accurate, and precise. One primary example is Accurl’s CNC Press Brake EURO PRO 4 ~ 6-Axis. Being an industry leader, Accurl has one of the best manufacturing products in the market, with customization features available so that businesses can acquire the perfect machinery to get the best benefits.

Difference Between Servo Electric Press Brake And Hydraulic Press Brake

Now that we have understood what a Press Brake machine is, let us quickly outline the basic difference between the Servo-Electric Press Brake and the Hydraulic Press Brake. To start with, there are two different types of Press Brakes when you categorize a Press Brake based on its source of energy.

So, a Servo-Electric Press Brake Machine derives its power through an electrical system, whereas the Hydraulic Press Brake derives its power from a hydraulic system. That is the main line of difference between the two structurally. However, if you were to compare them, there are more points and factors which we can discuss, but that is for later.

Now, to understand why the Servo-Electric Press Brake is faster than the Hydraulic Press Brake, we will need to explore their structures more.

The sole reason why the Servo-Electric Press Brake is faster than the Hydraulic Press Brake is because of the servo motors. It simply has a faster rate of response than the hydraulic servo.

Not only does the hydraulic servo consume more power than the servo motors, but it also needs extra time to preheat and needs to shut down immediately if it gets overheated. All these factors together contribute to the process timings of the Hydraulic Press Brake machine, thus making it slower.

Which One Is Better — Servo-Electric Press Brake Or Hydraulic Press Brake?

Now, you may be wondering about which Press Brake machine to opt for. While Hydraulic Press Brake machines have been around for quite a while, Servo-Electric Press Brake Machines are quite new to the scene. If you want further clarification on that matter, we have stated a few comparison points that will help you make a better decision. Let us take a look:

Energy Consumption

As we briefly mentioned earlier, Servo-Electric Press Brake Machines consume much less energy than Hydraulic Press Brake machines, as close to 80% less than its hydraulic alternative. If you look at the power consumption of the former during its operations, it is directly proportional to the amount of load power. This may make you wonder how Servo-Electric Press Brake Machines save more energy.

However, that is the only time when the machine consumes energy. The rest of the time, the Servo-Electric Press Brake Machine need not consume energy. The case, however, is not the same for the Hydraulic Press Brake machine, as it keeps on consuming power even when it is not operational. Therefore, it consumes more energy than the other type of machine.

Accuracy And Precision

Accuracy and precision are guaranteed with the Servo-Electric Press Brake Machine, especially with Accurl’s two independent servo-electric axes. If you are looking for numbers, the precision rate for Servo-Electric Press Brake Machines is close to 1 micron, whereas the precision rate for Hydraulic Press Brake machines is somewhere near 10.16 microns.

The factor of the Hydraulic Press Brake machines’ energy consumption and speed are also factors that contribute to their accuracy. This, in return, increases the productivity rate for Servo-Electric Press Brake Machines.

Accurl Servo-Electric Press Brake Machines come with IRIS and high dynamic electro-mechanic drive systems, which results in 35% shorter cycles on average. It has AC Servo-electric motors along with dynamic ball screw drive mechanisms, which contributes to its high productivity rate. Also, the entire process becomes more user-friendly, thanks to Accurl’s ROLLERI and WILA pneumatic change tooling systems.

Environmental Factors

Businesses and industries around the world are getting more and more aware of the environment. As socially and environmentally responsible entities, you need to invest in tools, pieces of machinery, and technology that helps contribute to the sustainability of our natural resources.

From that front, Servo-Electric Press Brake Machines are the more ideal choice of equipment than the Hydraulic Press Brake Machine. The reason is that the former is more eco-friendly than the latter for the following reasons:

  • It consumes less energy
  • It has better precision and accuracy, thus causing less wastage of materials
  • There is lesser carbon emission
  • It reduces noise pollution to up to 70%, a major feature in eB Ultra


Lastly, Servo-Electric Press Brake Machines are more economical than Hydraulic Press Brake machines overall. The fact that you need to keep running a Hydraulic Press Brake machine the entire day gives you enough reasons why it is more expensive. Running a machine that big for a whole day will mean that you need to pay more for fuel.

Also, the maintenance cost for a Hydraulic Press Brake machine is much higher than a Servo-Electric Press Brake Machine because the latter has variant features like automatic lubrication systems and so on.

All these factors together can help you paint a good picture of which tool is best for your use and your company. Based on these factors, you can help make a better and more well-informed decision.

However, given the characteristics and comparisons, it is easy to understand that Servo-Electric Press Brake Machines are faster, more efficient, and more beneficial than traditional Hydraulic Press Brake Machines. They excel in every aspect and are a better alternative to rely on than Hydraulic Press Brake Machines.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you have reached the end of the article, you have a fair understanding of the following things:

  • What are Press Brake machines, and what are they used for
  • The main point of differences between the Servo-Electric Press Brake Machine and the Hydraulic Press Brake machine
  • A basic outline of comparison to understand which one is better for your business.

With this, we hope that you will be able to choose the most appropriate tool for your business. However, as you may have concluded, Servo-Electric Press Brake Machines are a better choice than Hydraulic Press Brake Machines as they are faster, more productive, efficient, and eco-friendly, with other added advantages.

However, do make sure to make your purchase from trusted providers only, such as Accurl, who have a rich history in this line of work, years of experience, and a long list of satisfied and happy customers.


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