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Discover our metal laser cutters and find the product suited for your business

For every metal laser cutting technology we have studied different products, because we know that your needs can be different.

ACCURL Metal Laser Cutting Machines

Learn about our laser metal cutting machine range and other cutting solutions to select the right product for your company.

We supply several laser power cutting solutions to meet the needs of every customer.

SmartLINE Laser Cutting Machine Catalogue

ACCURL fiber laser cutting machines – powerful tools that make precise cuts in metal materials with ease. 

The ACCURL KJG-1530 / IPG 1000W/700W laser cutting machine for sheet metal cuts through various types of metals at high speed while maintaining accuracy and quality.

ACCURL 2D Fiber Laser Source Metal Cutting Machines

Our SMART, SMARTLINE, and MASTERLINE high-energy 2D fiber laser cutting machines are based on laser beam design technology refined through rigorous structural analysis. 

The result – is an affordable fiber laser cutter ideal for cutting thin metals, carbon steel, and galvanized steel metal sheet. Ideal for general sheet metal fabrication tasks.

Discover more about the ACCURL sheet metal laser cutting machine.

ACCURL 700w Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine


  •  33 years of experience and more than 12,000 installed machines.
  • An expert R&D team committed to research the most competitive technology for our customers.

More Varied Solutions for Cutting

  • Sustainability and social responsibility are characteristics of modern companies and add to competitiveness.
  • Comprehensive range of basic tools in stock and modified solutions according to customer needs.

ACCURL High Quality Equipment

  • The critical parts of the Accurl laser machine are manufactured in Germany.
  • We rely on our quality and therefore give our laser cutting machine a 3-year warranty.
  • The IPG Fiber resonator. Power from 1Kw To 30kW.

After-Sales Service

  • Original ACCURL spare parts to guarantee full performance and prolonged durability.
  • Wide range of consultation services on machine operation, programming and maintenance.

KJG-1530 Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Features And Configuration

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Flexible and Efficient

Comparison of manufacturing processes using conventional metal cutting machines and ACCURL metal cutters.

Why use an ACCURL metal laser cutting machine?

Our laser cutting machine for metal offers the best fiber laser cutting technology. Practical features incorporating our in-depth industry knowledge ensure smooth operational performance.

Flexibility And Efficiency


For example: when producing a bending connection, metal laser cutting is 31% less costly per part and 49% faster.

Our laser cutting machine for metal offers the best fiber laser cutting technology. Practical features incorporating our in-depth industry knowledge ensure smooth operational performance.

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Rational Structure

ACCURL KJG-1530 Metal Laser Cutting Machines handle a range of cutting capacities:

These machines are ideal for industrial applications where precision, efficiency, and reliability are priorities. With advanced cutting abilities, ACCURL machines outperform traditional cutting methods and bring greater productivity.

Servo Floating Support Table

The perfect solution for metal cutting – designed to improve accuracy, reduce vibration, and ensure a smoother finish on any material, from stainless steel to aluminum.

Servo motors guarantee precise and repeatable positioning of the table. The floating design eliminates sag or dipping in the middle of a material. And a convenient control panel makes setting the table’s parameters easy.

Its integrated safety systems and durable construction make it ideal for industrial environments.

Servo Floating Support Table

Empower or FAGOR CNC Laser Machine System

The Empower/FAGOR laser cutting system from ACCURL is designed to provide the most accurate, efficient, and reliable results for metal cutting (pipes, tubes, sheets).

State-of-the-art laser technology allows precise cuts into metal materials with a minimal heat-affected zone.

ACCURL’s advanced software ensures fast processing speeds and completes jobs quickly and cost-effectively. Our CNC laser system produces superior cutting results in a wide range of applications, from the automotive to aerospace industries.

With unparalleled accuracy, the system ensures minimal errors and material waste. 

ACCURL’s advanced control system makes it easy to program complex shapes and customize them to exact specifications to meet project needs. It’s used extensively in metal and non-metal laser cutting for its exceptional performance in fiber laser cutting.

RayTools Cutting Head 

The RayTools cutting head combines an external motor with an integrated drive unit and automated focusing lens that can be adjusted over a 25mm range.

This allows for rapid cutting of thick metal sheets – and varying thicknesses – as the operator can set programmatic focus at any time.

The benefits of this system are heightened precision, speed, and accuracy, even with complex shapes. Plus, it makes the laser cutting process simpler and more efficient, saving time and money while ensuring consistent quality results.

Cutting Head Raytools

Take your cutting process to the next level with ACCURL’s powerful laser cutting machines! Download our catalog now to see what our technology can do for you, or contact us for more information on how we can help optimize your production process. Our team is here to support you. Let ACCURL take care of all your metal cutting needs.

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