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What is a CNC press brake machine and how does it work?

Industries around the world have been progressing at an amazing rate thanks to the advancements in technology. A range of machines and tools can now be found that aids the industries heavily. The manufacturing industry, too, has its own range of tools and machines that have helped it progress by ages.

The CNC Press Brake machine is one such tool, without which the manufacturing industry and fabricators will not be able to make any progress. Therefore, in this article, we will learn all there is to know about the CNC press brake machine, how it works, and its other features. If you are in this business, it will be very beneficial for you to understand CNC press brake machines working, so if you are ready, let us get started!

What is a CNC press brake machine?

Let us first understand what a CNC press brake machine is before getting into its working mechanisms. A CNC press brake machine is a normal press brake that has CNC or Computer Numerically Controlled system integration in it. With the help of the CNC system, the machine is able to efficiently bend and manipulate metal sheets, be it be over a few millimeters or a few meters long.

The structure of a CNC press brake machine can be of two types. They are as follows:

  • Type 1 (Down Forming): Consists of a fixed bed (bottom) that has a v-shaped tool attached to it. A top beam (also v-shaped) is present which receives the force and presses the metal against the v-shaped tool.
  • Type 2 (Up Forming): This type of CNC press brake has the same parts as type 1. However, in this type, the top portion is fixed whereas the bottom portion is the moving counterpart.

Whatever the type may be, the results will be the same, with no restrictions on the shape and design of the end result. Now that we have understood what a CNC press brake machine is, we will now move on to understanding how it operates.

How does a CNC press brake machine work?

A CNC press brake machine is a mechanical tool powered by a hydraulic or electrical system, with an AI program attached to it for precise and accurate bending on the raw material.

The way it operates is quite simple to understand. Firstly, in a CNC press brake machine, you need to enter the information of the product that you want to create. This information has to be precise, with the proper angles of the bends, and so on. Once the computer has analysed and understood the instructions, it will start operating the machine.

The machine works with the help of hydraulic or electric force. Depending on the type of your machine (type 1 or type 2) the force will be applied to the respective moving part of the machine. This allows the moving part to press the metal sheet against the fixed part, thus creating the desired bend.

For CNC machines, the machine will move the metal sheet according to the instructions feeded in the computer. The result is— you get your desired product, with precise bends and accuracy.

You may change the v-shaped tool, usually called a die (attached to the fixed part) and a knife (attached to the moving part), according to the shape you want to create. There are numerous tool sets available in the market for that purpose.

What are the Benefits of a CNC Press Brake Machine?

Technology has been rapidly upgrading traditional tools into powerful and reliable ones fit for the modern era. The same applies to CNC Press Brake Machines. There are more than a few reasons why modern CNC Press Brake Machines are better than traditional ones, of which we have highlighted a few down below. Let us take a look!

More Efficient And Accurate

Traditional CNC Press Brake Machines were usually operated manually and thus had room for errors and mistakes. However, with CNC Press Brake Machines, there is no room for any errors. Firstly, it is automated and does not require human or manual interruptions. This allows for things to flow smoothly and to continue a better workflow, thus increasing efficiency and productivity.

Also, with the aid of the CNC systems, you get more accurate and precise outcomes than traditional ones. So, to sum it up, you get faster results, double the precision, and better quality work. As you can see, that helps increase your efficiency and accuracy rate. As an added factor, CNC Press Brake Machines are extremely easy to operate and manage.

More Economical

Traditional Press Brake Machines had a lot of factors that, when added together, cost more. For example, traditional Press Brake Machines need to run the whole day even if you need to operate on them for a few hours. Not to forget, managing and maintaining traditional press brake machines are also much more costly.

However, CNC Press Brake Machines are easy to maintain, cause less wastage, and have top-grade components and parts that are easily available if they break down.

Eco-Friendly And Sustainable

Last but not least, CNC Press Brake Machines such as Accurl’s Servo Electrical CNC Press Brake eB Icon Series are eco-friendly and sustainable. Unlike traditional tools, these CNC Press Brake Machines cause fewer carbon emissions, less wastage, reduced power usage, and causes less pollution. Therefore, they are the better option for businesses to opt for, as responsible corporations.

What are the various features of the CNC press brake machine?

CNC press brake machines come with numerous features and characteristics that can benefit you in multiple ways. Listed below are the standard features that Accurl provides with its CNC press brake machines. Of course, you may customize them according to your needs, but these are the basic features that you will find.

  • It offers the CNC DELEM DA53T system that supports 2D graphics (color)
  • It has dual beam photocells from Lazer Safe
  • It consists of a hydraulic system from Hoerbiger
  • It consists of optical scales from GIVI
  • It offers the class IE3 motor which is known for its high efficiency
  • It has Accurl’s very own wave crowning system (Accurl Pro)
  • It consists of an electrical cabinet made with Siemens and Schnider parts

These are the standard features, but depending on the model, there may be different features. Again, the machines are highly customizable to suit your requirements.

How to choose a CNC press brake machine?

CNC press brake machines are a long-term investment for your business. Therefore, you want to ensure that you are investing in the right machine. Here are a few things to keep in mind while looking for the perfect CNC press brake machine:

  • You need to consider the materials that you will be bending with the machine. Keep in mind the type and thickness of the materials.
  • Consider the complexity of the designs and bends that you will be making. If your designs are too complicated, you need to consider buying a machine with extra axis so that your bends turn out flawless.
  • Consider the quantity in which you will be producing materials. If you are considering mass-production, CNC press brake machines are the ideal choice.
  • You should consider the size of the machine as well as the workplace. If you take a too big machine but do not have enough space to operate it, it will all go to waste.
  • Consider the accuracy of the bends that you will be making. Different machines offer different accuracy. You may also consider purchasing a set of tools to enhance the accuracy and end results.


CNC press brake machines are extremely useful tools in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, now that you understand what it is and how it works, the next step is to invest in a machine that will give you the best yield.

Accurl has been a provider in this field with a history of over 33 proud years. Their machines are the best in the field and come with great features, as mentioned above. Accurl strives to live up to the expectations of the industry with its cutting-edge technologies, high functionality, efficiency, and services. Here is the range of CNC press brakes that Accurl has to offer to the world:

Accurl offers to customize its products for you so that they suit your needs and requirements. Therefore, now that you know how a press brake machine operates, you can get the machine that you need and customize it according to your liking.

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