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Difference between Smart & Genius Series Laser Cutting Machines

Irrespective of the field involved. There has been a notable surge in the development of gadgets and machines in all public sectors and dimensions of work, especially with the recent advances in science and technology. This was made possible mainly due to the general population’s increased curiosity and strive, which motivated the concerned personnel to come up with such effective upgrades. 

This has been especially true in industrial machines, mainly laser cutting machines. It is even safe to say that a lot of these variants are surprising to the professionals themselves. Here is a simple guide and comparison pertaining to the two new additions to the family of top-notch laser cutting machines, the genius series and the smart series.

Understanding laser cutting machines

In order to be able to properly appreciate how these machines have been improved and upgraded, it is required for you to understand the basic functioning of conventional laser cutting machines. A laser cutting device per se is an important tool that is extensively used across many industries, mainly for purposes like precise and accurate cuts and etching. This is effectively seen in the field of designing and construction materials as a very common and understandable example. 

With modern improvements to such devices, we have an additional segment to the machine known as the CNC system or the CNC control system, which is responsible for feeding proper info to the machine, thereby helping it function in a predetermined fashion.

This CNC system is responsible for the mainstream control of the device as a gross measure, allowing you to acquire a neat and accurate end result. With additional features being added with every upgrade, these machines now provide its user with unbeatable levels of quality and precision like never before.

Types of laser cutting machines

The main differences in the types of laser cutters are determined by the kind of laser used. This can vary according to the material thickness which needs to be penetrated by the laser in question. Generally speaking, a high-powered laser is used in cases where there are requirements where large sections of plastic and metal are to be cut. This is seen only in highly professional applications, to be frank.

Alternatively, low-power lasers are seen in general applications where smaller portions of materials that are relatively thin are required to be cut through. Keeping that in mind, it would now be appropriate to study a little more in detail about the three different types of lasers that can be used.

1. Gas lasers

They are alternatively called CO2 laser cutters as the general process of cutting itself is through the application of electrically stimulated CO2. This CO2 laser is combined along with other gases like nitrogen and helium in most cases. With an emission of about 10.6 mm wavelength, these lasers come with energy levels that are sufficient to pierce rather thicker materials. Being controlled by gas, these lasers tend to provide you with a better finish that is smoother than your other conventional laser cutters. They are also efficient with their work and highly cost-effective as well.

2. Crystal laser cutters

They generate beams from neodymium-doped yttrium orthovanadate and its subsequent forms and can cut through even thicker and stronger substances. They have relatively smaller wavelengths but have a higher intensity. With the burden of a higher power, they have the disadvantage of getting worn out pretty easily.

3. Fiber laser cutters

These lasers do their cutting with the help of fiberglass. They are highly advantageous. A few of the highly applauded benefits of using a fiber laser cutter are as follows.

  1. They have no moving parts
  2. Two to three times more energy efficient
  3. Can cut through reflective materials without any back reflection
  4. Can work on both metal and non-metal media
  5. Require less maintenance
  6. Cheaper
  7. Long-lasting

Smart series laser cutting machines

As part of the long list of advanced laser cutting machines which were developed thanks to the extensive levels of innovation, the smart series laser cutting machines are a note-worthy variant of the modern laser cutting system. These smart options for your general laser cutting uses can provide the basic functions of cutting and operation at an unexpected level of accuracy, precision, and speed.

This system makes use of fiber laser systems, which was explained earlier. Since these fiberglass-controlled lasers have no specificity towards any material, these lasers can be safely used for the effective cutting of even reflective metals like copper, brass, aluminum, etc. without fear of any possible back reflection.

The fiber laser systems used in the smart series laser cutting machines come with a high sense of reliability. These lasers are assured to be the creme de la creme of laser cutting equipment there is, and provide you with highly surprising quality and efficiency of work. 

The precision provided by this machine is a direct reflection of the fine quality fiber laser which is employed within the machine’s laser. With the application of the latest profile and tube processing technology at its wing, these machines provide their users with highly accurate and precise cutting with a very professional and smooth finish. 

Apart from the high-quality work put out by the machines, there are also additional options being provided to the buyers pertaining to the energy requirements and suitability of these smart series laser cutting machines with fiber lasers. Depending upon what you will be using these laser cutters, you should be able to choose an appropriate power level for your laser cutting device. This step is pretty crucial for the proper application of the device in your industrial and business setup.

Genius series laser cutting machines

As another addition to the long list of high-tech laser cutting machines, the genius series laser cutting machines are also in accordance with the recent advances and latest technological findings in the field. Similar to its counterpart which was explained earlier, these laser cutting machines also make use of the latest fiber laser technology for their general functioning. 

With the help of this extensively modern laser and fiber functioning system, these machines are now able to reach levels of speed and precision which are exceptionally perfect for the processing and cutting of thin materials. That being the case, these lasers are also seen to be equally effective for the sectioning and cutting of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The functioning of these laser cutting machines is highly reliable and flexible, which is an additional brownie point on the buyers’ tally list.

These machines offer a simultaneous positioning speed of 160 meters per minute with a precision of (+) or (-) 0.05 mm. Like the smart series, the genius series also provides you with the option of choosing an appropriate power range. Make sure to apply the previously mentioned ideal here as well.


As a key takeaway, choosing a laser machine based on its compatibility with your field and work is more important than choosing one which is generally at the top of the list. Similarly, it is also important to choose an appropriate power limit for your machine which is suited for your material to be processed. Keeping this valuable info in mind, make sure to pick a suitable professional device for your laser cutting endeavors.


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