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Coil and sheet fed laser cutting


Flexibility and freedom to process sheet or coil with maximum precision.


Coil and sheet fed laser cutting

LINECUT® Series  

The automatic coil-fed and sheets fed laser cutting machine from laser cutting blanking line has the most versatile setup.It processes with the maximum simplicity strips up to 1550mm in width, and sheets up to 14 meters in length with a very compact layout.

Flexible Continuous Coil FED Laser Cutter Processes

Always looking for more efficient solutions towards his customers, ACCURL designed his new LINECUT® concept combining the unmatched flexibility of laser cutting together with the performance of ACCURL coil-fed laser cutting systems for blanking.

Simplicity Meets STATE-OF-THE-ART Laser Cutting Technology

ACCURL® has developed a whole range of coil-fed (and sheet-fed) laser cutting systems  and systems for sheet metal. The different solutions are available for different types of production, whether from steel coil or standard sheets, with fiber laser cutting or combined punching/laser systems.

Features of the Laser System:

Elements making up the system are:

Unique Manufacturing Process

ACCURL has employed cutting-edge technologies to manufacture LINECUT-line automatic coil fed laser cutting system that are flexible and easy to use. By using fibre laser sources, production rate is fast and energy consumption low, while the integrated CNC system ensures very high precision.

From Coil To Part

80 % Less Floor Reqeirement

The ACCURL LINECUT range includes in-line, automatic fibre laser cutting systems that are flexible and easy to use. and the LINECUT lines can be set up according to the characteristics of the materials to be machined and may also incorporate customized unloading systems.


Coil Fed Laser Cutting System

Always looking for more efficient solutions towards his customers, ACCURL designed his new LINECUT concept combining the unmatched flexibility of laser cutting together with the performance of Accurl coil fed processes.

Coil Feeding Allows No Length Limit For Products

Fully automated process minimizing operator requirement and allowing continuous and unattented production.

Slat Conveyor: Unique Continuous Mode For Linecut

To allow simultaneous cutting and part off loading,slats are simultaneously moving with the strip(conveyor design).

The accuracy of specific ACCURL construction and synchronisation allows to move accurately the parts to the pick up area in order to obtain quality blanks stacking, and avoid any scratches.

LINECUT® Feeding System

The Press feeding systems designed for every production method; loop type feeders for solutions that requires fast and high straightening capability, compact feeders for narrow spaces and blanking lines.

Uncoler For Coil Feed Line

Safety Uncoiling Process

Wide Loading Capacity

Automatic Operation


Linecut® Straightener

With Straightener System’s Custom-Made Design and Appropriate Rollers Enables to Flatten the Bent / Distorted Sheet Materials and Coil at the Desired Tolerance.

Straightener For Coil Feed Line:

Line Structures and Development Process


The geometry of the equipment, particularly the parallelism of the rolls, is vital in order to achieve optimum straightening. Our frames, built from iron castings, are machined on precision machining centres. The rolls are guided by low backlash needle bearings and immobilised transversely by needle thrust bearings or ball bearings

Advanced For Straightener


Backup Rolls

Linecut® Flexible Manufacturing System:

ACCURL® FMS line manages the material flow in flexible ways and reduces the lead time from raw material components. FMS stands for Punching + Cutting + Buffering + Bending.

The productivity offered by this concept derives from integration of:

Structure and Function

Fiber Laser Resonator IPG

The YLR Series IPG lasers combine rugged industrial design and maintenance-free operation with perfect beam mode, high power and pointing stability. Laser power can be adjusted over a wide range without affecting optical parameters.

High Power CW Fiber Laser For Metal Cutting

The new generation of IPG flagship YLR lasers takes their famous performance to a whole new level.the unrivaled combination of high power, ideal beam quality, unsurpassed reliability and industry-leading wall-plug efficiency delivers the best value on the market.

Features Of IPG Fiber Laser

Ultra-Compact Fiber Laser For Metal Cutting

Central Wavelength Range
1070 ±5 nm
Mode of Operation
CW/ Modulated
Modulation Frequency
0-5 kHz
Maximum Average Power*
2Kw, 3Kw, 4Kw,6kW YLR SERIES
Power Tunability
Output Fiber Core Diameter***
100μm, 150μm, 200μm
Wall-plug Efficiency
>40 %
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