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Recently installed ACCURL 5-Axis WaterJet Cutting Machine with 3D Bevel Cutting Head in SAN FRANCISCO by Accurl USA



Our team here at ACCURL USA was honored to be chosen as the supplier for a Major Robotics Automation Company to help meet & surpass their precision forming/cutting needs.

Accurl 10’ X 150T Genius Plus 6+1 Axis Press Brake:
This 10’ Genius Press Brake is rated at 150T; loaded with a DA66T Control, BGA-4 Axis Backgauge, and much more!
On our Genius Series CNC Press Brake, we are able to boast some of the leading specifications in the forming industry for stock form.

  • 21.9″ Daylight
  • 10.9″ Beam Stroke
  • 17.7″ Throat Depth

Accurl 6’ X 13’ 5-Axis WaterJet cutting machine with 3D 5-Axis Bevel Cutting Head:

The Accurl 5-Axis WaterJet cutting machine most versatile cutting systems on the market today, covering the full range of materials and thicknesses, even painted surfaces.

  • HYPERTHERM ® High Pressure Pump of 50 HP SL-VI · 4200 bar
  • 3000×1500 mm working area
  • MAX 3D 5-Axis Bevel Cutting Head 2.0
  • Industry 4.0 for sheet metal working with TwinCAT Analytics and TwinCAT IoT

We look forward to this incredible partnership & supporting our client with their new additions and projects in the future!

Our main objective is to help make our clients more productive & competitive with the assistance of our premier equipment & team of specialists, at an affordable cost.

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