Four working New European Standard ACCURL Swing Beam Shearing machine in Germany

We’re glad that every triggers a chain of further deliveries. Our customer is a proof, which his new base equipped with 4 Sets Accurl hydraulic guillotine shear for sheet metal cutting.
We wish them to get more ACCURL machines and to continue increasing their customer production!
hydraulic shearing machine

The advantages:

  • Frame produced in China by ACCURL accurately dimensioned through FEA.
  • Multi-edge blades for cutting aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel
  • Cutting-line illumination and wire for shadow-line cutting
  • withoutNitrogen
  • Quick cutting-length adjustment
  • Hydraulic and electrical overload protection
  • Squaring arm and front support arms
  • Bed infill plates with ball transfers
  • Delta inverter with ball screw and polished rod with 0.01 mm accuracy
  • Backgauge adjustment according to blade gap
  • Backgauge retraction feature
  • Sub-program and programming loop
  • Sequence repeat function
  • Auto-cutting (Flying cut)
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