DATA M LaserCheck Angle Measurement System for CNC Press Brake Automatic Bending Angle iMeasure Systems

Th iMeasure Laser Bending Angle Measurement Systems manufactured by Data M Engineering is a bending angle measurement and correction system by means of a laser beam. The device is made of a laser and a camera on both sides of the bending line. Detection is carried out in this way.
The system consisting of 2 laser beam transmitters and 2 camera’s on both sides of the workpiece.

Principle :

Angle Measurement

Force reduction + calculation of the springback

Automatic angle correction (taking into account the calculated springback)

The angle correction will be automatically calculated and fine-tuned by the DELEM CNC control.

  • Standard tooling is applicable – no extra cost for internal measuring units
  • No contact elements – no mechanical wear
  • Contactless angle measurement principle guarantees a reliable system even in heavy duty circumstances
  • Die width up to 60 mm without adjustment
  • Compact assembly guarantees an optimal working space for operator and material
  • Quick manual adjustment along the machine length (optional CNC-positioning)
  • Optional parking station if the system is not in operation
  • Possibility of measuring on workpieces with apertures
  • Guaranteed precision
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