Which is the best laser cutting machine?

Laser-cutting is used in the parts manufacturing process. There are two types of laser-cutting devices popularly used in industries. One is the old traditional tube-cutting laser machine the other is the fiber laser cutting machine. It is safe to say that fiber laser-cutting machines have disrupted the age-old industry because of the precision and speed […]

What are the main components of a CNC turret punch machine?

Turret punch machines are an indispensable part of heavy part manufacturers. It is different from a laser-cutting machine in the sense that it punches the metal sheets to form different shapes applicable to the concerned industry. However, turret punch machines have limited applications because they cannot carve out custom shapes for various applications. These machines […]

How Many Types Of Control Systems Are There In A CNC Machine?

The CNC system is the newest update to the pieces of machinery used in the fabrication or manufacturing industry around the globe. With the advancement in technology in every sector, this industry is keeping up at a fascinating rate. With automation and AI, technologies and tools in the manufacturing industry are reaching new heights. The […]

Top 5 Benefits of using CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

Precision cutting is the need of most industries today. A lot of manufacturers rely on accurate cuts and severance for efficiency. Hence, powerful and efficient cutting tools are the need of the hour. Water jet cutting machines have a proven record of cutting seamlessly through fabrics and carbon fiber objects with microscopic details. Additionally, high-stake […]

Press Brake Tool Storage Loading & Unloading

Massive, heavy-duty press brakes usually provide special difficulties for users. They usually entail the shaping of massive, oversized, and frequently laborious pieces that may be handled by many workers or specific material support systems. Like other huge, powerful, and often unsafe press brakes, these are used to curve tough metal and typically require equipment that […]

Difference between Smart & Genius Series Laser Cutting Machines

Irrespective of the field involved. There has been a notable surge in the development of gadgets and machines in all public sectors and dimensions of work, especially with the recent advances in science and technology. This was made possible mainly due to the general population’s increased curiosity and strive, which motivated the concerned personnel to […]

2022 NEW Arrival 100% Full Servo Electric Press Brake

2022 New Arrival 100 Percent Full Servo Electric Press Brake

The New Era of Energy Saving and Environment Friendly Press Brake has Finally Arrived According to Xinhua News Agency, October 24, 2021, The Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Completely, Accurately and Comprehensively Implementing the New Development Concept and Doing a Good Job in Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization pointed […]

Bend Angle Measurement Systems For CNC Press Brakes

It is very important to get the measurements and angles perfectly with the press brakes because anything less would compromise the features as well as the quality of the end product. By using laser-assisted bend angle measurement devices, the exact and accurate bending angle for CNC press brakes can be determined with zero contact. How […]

Servo Electric Press Brake Troubleshooting Principle

After crossing a significant number of running hours, your bending machine is prone to damage and problems. This is completely unrelated to the quality provided by the manufacturer. Rather, think of it as additional investment into your project, which is sure to result in significant benefits and profits in the long run. Managing these problems […]

Why Is Servo Electric Press Brake Faster Than Hydraulic Press Brake?

When you go to purchase even the smallest of commodities, you do a double-take so that you make a better purchase. Therefore, when it comes to major investments such as purchasing a piece of machinery for your businesses, it is natural for you to understand which model or machine would be a better investment and […]